How To Bet At William Hill Sportsbook

For more than 80 years, people have wondered how to bet on William Hill. Actually, more appropriately, people have wondered how to bet at William Hill because online betting is a new concept relative to how long this world-renowned bookmaker has been in existence.

William Hill started in 1934 in the UK and made its entry into the United States in 2012. Now William Hill operates in Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Rhode Island, and West Virginia. When you have a brand recognized worldwide as one of the best places to bet on sports, the expectations are extremely high. Your app has to work flawlessly. Your website has to be extremely accessible. Your retail locations have to run efficiently.

All of those things are true about William Hill. Our focus, specifically, will be on the online and mobile betting capabilities of William Hill because that is what we rate and evaluate here at ATS. Of the states listed above, Indiana, Iowa, Nevada, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and West Virginia offer mobile and online wagering, though Rhode Island’s sportsbooks are just run by William Hill. The actual app itself is through the Rhode Island Lottery.

Any good sports betting app knows that convenience is the key. There are a ton of betting events on a daily basis, especially with a European-based company like William Hill that will have betting odds posted for a lot of non-North American events. The popular professional leagues in North America still take center stage, especially with the William Hill US brand, but a lot of organization is required to make this app work and to make it stand out.

How to bet on William Hill is pretty simple. The first step is to get signed up and fund an account. The quickest way to do that is right here through us using the ATS50 promo code. Once you get all set up and get funds in your account, you need to know what to look for. The app lays everything out clearly so you can select the sports market that you want to wager on or the InPlay, live betting options for games that are currently being played. William Hill also offers all new registrations a opportunity to try the site out with a Free Bet at registration!

There are a ton of Wagering Types at William Hill. You can bet the traditional football pre-game markets of Money Line, Spread, and Total, but you will see a button that will include various other bets that you can make on a game. Let’s say there are 47 more betting options available on a game. You click the button that says +47 bets and you will see things like team totals, alternate point spreads, alternate totals, prop bets, first half odds, second half odds, and so much more.

Sportsbooks don’t need to limit bettors on what they can put their money on. There is a lot of demand for alternative ways to bet a game and William Hill offers all of those and they are right there with the traditional, most common forms of betting on the full game.

Various betting odds will be listed for all of the different sports and leagues. Those alternate bet types like first halves and second halves and prop bets will be offered for everything from the NFL to the EPL to the NHL to the NBA. There will also be a lot of different betting options and props for NASCAR, horse racing, boxing, UFC, and those European markets like darts, rugby, and lower-division soccer leagues.

Once you decide what you want to bet on, the process of submitting your bet is remarkably easy. Let’s say you want to bet the Dallas Cowboys on the money line at +140. If you are on the computer, use your mouse to click and select Money Line +140 under Cowboys. If you are on mobile, use your finger to select Money Line +140. Once your bet is selected, a box will appear that allows you to put in your bet amount or the win amount. This is called the Bet Slip.

Decide how much you want to bet or how much you would like to win and then submit your bet. It really is that easy.

Parlay wagering is also available at William Hill and that would mean simply adding additional bets to your Bet Slip. You can bet across different leagues with parlays, as long as there are no restrictions for doing that.

Single-game and parlay betting are not the only options at William Hill. You can live bet with InPlay Wagering. You can bet futures, like Odds to Win the 2021 College Football Playoff National Championship or Super Bowl LV. You can make it easy and use the Search function to find exactly what you are looking for.

Betting on sports at William Hill may seem overwhelming at first because there are so many options and so many different betting odds, but you are going to pick it up very quickly. Places like William Hill cannot afford to confuse their customers. Too much money is at stake and there are too many competitors. That system of checks and balances forces every book to be at its best and William Hill is and has always been one of the best.

Don’t just take our word for it. Sign up using the promo code ATS50 and try out William Hill for yourself.