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The iconic SuperBook is branching out. Colorado native and Executive Vice President of Operations Jay Kornegay jumped at the chance to put a footprint in his home state through a partnership with the Lodge Casino in Black Hawk, Colorado. The SuperBook scored one of the 33 available licenses in the state of Colorado in what is shaping up to be an extremely competitive sports betting market.

Whether or not the world-famous SuperContest will be planting roots in Colorado for the 2020 NFL season remains to be seen, but the SuperBook is going to inject a lot of life in the Rocky Mountain State.

Widely regarded as a trailblazer at the forefront of the sports betting industry, the SuperBook may not be as far-reaching of a name these days as DraftKings and FanDuel because of its relative isolation at Westgate Las Vegas, but now that the operator well-known in gambling circles is opening up another location, that will change in a hurry.

The SuperBook has paired up with Jacobs Entertainment, Inc. to make such a move possible and is anticipating a large mobile and online betting handle. Colorado’s sportsbooks & casinos are centralized in Black Hawk, Cripple Creek, and Central City, but registration is available to anyone in the state from the comforts of home, so this will be a state where the retail handle is dwarfed many times over by the online handle.

What that means as far as the physical setup of a retail SuperBook remains to be seen. As we know, the SuperBook has been the gold standard for sportsbooks since its remodel in the mid-2010s and was even held in high esteem prior to that. Either way, the SuperBook’s place in a very competitive Colorado market will be fun to follow.

Large and In Charge

SuperBook has taken a very proactive stance with sports betting since 1993 and has a strong core belief in the value of quality service. They are a primary source for major media outlets looking for sports betting odds and information and are synonymous with the gambling industry as a whole.

Until the Circa Las Vegas opens in December, the Westgate SuperBook will remain the largest sportsbook in the world. SuperBook’s presence is just as big, at least in Nevada. Now Coloradoans will be able to have a similar experience.

The SuperBook is generally at the front of the pack when it comes to wagering options. For the longest time, the SuperBook was at the head of the class with regards to putting up odds for futures like golf majors and pro sports championships. The prop catalog for the Super Bowl was also second to none. Recently, competitors have pushed the SuperBook into raising the bar even more.

With a different wagering environment in Colorado, we’ll have to see how the SuperBook adapts and see whether or not they use the Nevada odds in Cripple Creek or attempt to do things a little bit differently. Whatever the case may be, the SuperBook is going to be very prominent in Colorado sports betting. It will have to be in order to stack up with the marketing practices and visibility of other entities like DraftKings and FanDuel.

The Race for Innovation

With Colorado shaping up to be an extremely competitive market, the SuperBook should be up to the task. Up until 2018, Las Vegas was the most competitive market for sports betting and the SuperBook thrived as an innovator and, in some respects, stood as the industry’s benchmark.

Many of the operators that will be involved in Colorado sports betting are innovative and are changing the industry for the better. The SuperBook will be step-for-step with those outfits and could very well pass them by. That is a chief selling point for the SuperBook. As an operator that was capable of thriving in a very regulated Nevada environment, the sky could truly be the limit in an environment like Colorado. Having as many sportsbooks as possible at your disposal makes a ton of sense in Colorado and there is no doubt that the SuperBook should be at the top of that list.

Simple Sign-Up

Like all of the sportsbooks in Colorado, sign-up is a Rocky Mountain breeze. Because you can get registered from anywhere in the state, all you have to do is fire up the SuperBook website or the mobile app and fill out the required information. Furthermore, depositing is an extremely easy process as well.

One key difference between the SuperBook in Las Vegas and the SuperBook in Colorado is that there are some top-notch sign-up bonuses and offers to help you get started.

We also know that the app is going to work without a hitch whenever you need it. Even though the SuperBook is technically a newcomer to the gaming frontier outside of Nevada, it isn’t like the app is starting from scratch. It is safe and reliable for all of your cashier needs and definitely has one of the best in-game betting interfaces in the state.

Why SuperBook?

You know why. You’ve heard about all of the good things that the SuperBook has done throughout its existence in Nevada. If you haven’t, you are going to hear a lot about what the SuperBook people are doing in Colorado. This is going to be a go-to app. An app that you can count on, like that trusty, old pair of jeans. It is going to fit when you need it to.

The hope for SuperBook is that the experience and innovation gleaned in the ultra-competitive Las Vegas market is going to showcase itself brilliantly in Colorado and we have no doubts that will be the case. Eventually, the SuperContest will make its way to Colorado, but SuperBook has also run Team Wins contests for the NFL and MLB and also a variety of other interesting promotions and alternate wagering options.

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