Tennessee Betting Sites and Mobile Sportsbooks

Tennessee Betting Sites and Mobile Sportsbooks

Sports Betting In Tennessee

You wouldn’t think it, but the next big explosion for sports betting could happen in Tennessee. We know and have known that a state like Illinois, which went live with sports betting in March 2020, was going to be a booming locale for betting with a major city like Chicago. That comes as no surprise and the projections for Illinois have always been off the charts.

But, Tennessee. That could be where it’s at. The Volunteer State is expected to go live with sports betting in Q2 or Q3 of 2020, but that isn’t the surprising part. The surprising part is that Tennessee actually has no casinos or land-based gaming establishments. So how is this all possible?

Tennessee is going to be an online-only state. The Tennessee State Lottery is going to be responsible for whatever transpires within the state, but we have a great chance at seeing a very competitive market. Of course, there is always the fear that we do not and run into a situation like New Hampshire, where the state lottery oversees sports gambling, but has an exclusive contract with DraftKings.

If Tennessee does not go that route, this could be an extremely competitive state, surrounded on all sides with parties interested in betting, and very limited restrictions. Something like in-person registration, which we see in Iowa and Illinois, will not be on the table. With no additional gaming dollars being thrown around with slot machines or table games, those with the itch in Tennessee will only have sports to wager on.

This is a state to watch very, very closely and one that could provide a lot of opportunity and could end up with a massive handle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions Tennessee sports bettors like you have when

researching which sportsbook to join.

Is legal sports betting available in Tennessee?

Tennessee passed H001 on April 30, 2020, a mobile sports betting bill which allows the Volunteer State to collect revenue from domestic mobile sports betting. The Tennessee Lottery will oversee the industry.

When will sports betting start in Tennessee?

There is no firm date for the launch of sports betting in Tennessee due to the Coronavirus. Experts anticipate sports betting might not arrive until late summer, or before the start of the 2020 college football season.

Can I bet on college basketball or college football in Tennessee?

You you can bet on college basketball and college football however there will be no in-play or live betting wagers allowed on college games.

Are there any online sportsbooks in Tennessee?

No not at the moment. Tennessee residents are permitted to use sports betting apps for wagering. However, there are no mobile or online sportsbook betting sites available yet. However those who live close to West Virginia can signup and travel over the boarder using geo-location services

Will there be online casinos and poker in Tennessee?

Unfortunately No! Unlike other states that have legalized online gambling IE New Jersey and Pennsylvania, only sports wagering has been legalized in Tennessee.

Are there retail sportsbooks in Tennessee?

Lawmakers chose not to allow retail sportsbooks, the only way to bet on sports in Tennessee will be via mobile apps and online wagering.

What’s in the Tennessee sports betting law?

All betting must be done online, it is the online all online sports betting model currently in the US.

  • Licensees pay $750,000 annually
  • Gross gaming revenue is taxed at a rate of 20%
  • Operators must purchase official league data from professional sports leagues in order to take in-game bets.
  • Players must be over 21 to bet
  • Anyone who wants to attempt to get a license through state regulators can apply for a Tennessee sports betting license. There is no cap on sports betting licenses in the state.

    How do I register for a Tennessee sports betting account? What information is required?

    The law states, all online customers are required to provide to operators:

    Physical address
    Phone number
    Active email account

    Once you create your account, you can fund your accounts in a variety of ways:

    Electronic bank transfer
    Debit card
    Online payment systems that support transfers. IE Paypal etc..

    Tennessee Sports Betting Apps

    How Do I Bet on Sports in Tennessee?

    Right now, you don’t, but it is coming and it is coming fast. The likeliest start date for Tennessee is sometime in the summer of 2020, but everything should be up and running in time for the college football and NFL seasons. HB1, the Tennessee Sports Gaming Act, was signed into law July 1, 2019.

    It is entirely possible that all of the heavy hitters get a stake in Tennessee. We’ll have to see how the agreements play out between the operators and the Tennessee State Lottery Corporation, but FanDuel, DraftKings, PointsBet, BetMGM, William Hill, BetAmerica, 888sport, and several others could attempt to set up shop.

    There are so many things that make Tennessee an attractive market. There are very few tourist destinations around the United States as popular as Nashville. That brings in visitors from all states and they come for sporting events, like Titans games, Predators games, the SEC Conference Tournament in college basketball, college football games at Vanderbilt, basketball games at Belmont and Vanderbilt, and other places. Not to mention, Memphis and Knoxville are also two popular sports viewing destinations.

    Memphis and Knoxville are also border towns. Memphis is right near Arkansas and Mississippi, which both have sports betting, but in retail form only. Knoxville is close enough to Kentucky, Virginia, and North Carolina to be considered a border town.

    Nashville is in the heart of the state, but a popular destination from all over the world, quite frankly, but especially from Tennessee and Alabama right off of I-65.

    Because Tennessee does not have retail gaming locations, everything is going to be mobile or online. That makes it so easy for so many people to get involved in the Volunteer State and for those in border states or those that are making the pilgrimage to the Music City eligible to bet with minimal effort.

    This has the potential to be a serious financial windfall for the state of Tennessee and a great state of opportunity for bettors. Keep a very close watch on Tennessee because a lot of the heavy hitters could be setting up shop as soon as this summer, particularly those that have a big background in online-only operations like DraftKings, FanDuel, and PointsBet.

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