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8:15 PM ET Sept 20
Lions vs Packers
Packers -11
  • The Packers week 1 performance on the road should against a playoff caliber team shouldnt cloud your judgement.
  • Late garbage TDs by the Lions vs the 49ers made the game look closer then it was.
  • Jimmy G to Deebo = almost 200yrds receiving. Rodgers to Adams watch out!
8:20 PM ET Sept 16
Giants vs WFT
Under 41
  • NYG offense only scored once prior to a garbage time TD. WFT pass rush is fierce.
  • WFT loses Fitzpatrick, Heinicke and the offense scored only 7 pts in 2nd half vs the Chargers
  • NY Giants had a terrible running game last week vs the Broncos
1:00 PM ET Sep 19
Raiders vs Steelers
Steelers -5.5
  • The Steelers defense rattled Allen, Carr with a injured & new O-line will have a long day.
  • Overtime, West To East coast and timely fumbles by Jackson over shadow the final score.
  • Big Ben & Co will have a easier time against a weak Raiders defense.

1:00 PM ET Sep 19
Dolphins vs Bills
Dolphins +3.5
  • The Bills did not pick up where they left off in 2020, at least not offensively, held to 16pts Week 1
  • Tagovailoa made key throws and was quite effective getting the ball to his wide receivers
  • Last week, the Dolphins defense looked every bit the unit that ascended to the top of the league in 2020.

4:05 PM ET Sep 19
Falcons vs Bucs
Over 52
  • Falcons defense allowed 32pts to a weak Philly offense, now take on Brady & Co.
  • Red zone issues plagued the Falcons week 1 look for Art Smith to fix these this week.
  • Bucs going back to 2020 play to the over 55% of the time.

4:25 PM ET Sept 19
Titans vs Seahawks
Over 54
  • Titans defense was poor again vs Arizona, now faces Wilson and a strong passing attack
  • After a bad week 1 the Titans should have more success against the Seahawks who allowed Colts to control the ball.
  • Julio Jones will help improve the offense with more reps after a slow preseason
4:05 PM ET Sept 19
Cardinals vs Vikings
Cardinals -3.5
  • Kyler Murray is healthy and the main key for another step forward in the offense for 2021
  • The Vikings lack of effectiveness in the run game was an alarming event in Week 1.
  • Injuries are again plaguing the Minnesota Vikings defense
1:00 PM ET Sept 19
Jets vs Patriots
Under 43
  • Both of these teams are starting rookie quarterbacks, who will need time to deliver at a high level in the NFL.
  • Patriots held the Dolphins to just 17 points in their Week 1 loss, while the Jets held the Panthers to under 20 points
  • Offensive lineman Mekhi Becton is out, which will make things even tougher on Zach Wilson
8:20 PM ET Sept 19
Chiefs vs Ravens
Chiefs -3.5
  • Ravens off MNF face a short week and travel.
  • More injuries after game 1 to the secondary & running game hurt in this matchup
  • The explosive KC offense will force Jackson to air it out which is his weakness
1:00 PM ET Sep 19
Saints vs Panthers
Saints -4
  • Saints offense looks as good if not better with Jameis Winston at the helm.
  • Saints defense held the Packers to under 5 YPP last week
  • In a tight game the Panthers held off a weak NY Jets team in week 1

1:00 PM ET Sept 19
Broncos vs Jaguars
Under 44.5
  • Week 1 proved even a #1 pick in Lawrence needs time to get up to speed in the NFL.
  • Fierce Bronco pass rush against a weak Jags O-line will be a bad matchup for the Jags.
  • After converting 40% of 3rd downs week 1 look for the Broncos to regress towards the mean.
1:00 PM ET Sept 19
Browns vs Texans
Browns -12.5
  • The Texans looked good against the Jaguars last week, but that should be taken not with a grain of salt, but a boulder.
  • The Texans were the beneficiary of poor play calling from the Jaguars last week.
  • The Chiefs did all of their damage last week on the backs of their elites. Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill were the stars they are. There is no similar worry for the Browns in this game
1:00 PM ET Sept 19
Rams vs Colts
Rams -3.5
  • Colts secondary struggled against the deep pass in week 1, now face Stafford and the Rams potent passing attack
  • Injuries to the Colts offensive line, Wentz slow to release will face constant pressure from Donald & Co
  • Rams converted 54% of 3rd downs in week 1 leading to a very balanced attack
1:00 PM ET Sept 19
Eagles vs 49ers
Eagles +3.5
  • Hurts behind a healthy O-Line & tailored offense to his strength vs a banged up SF defense.
  • Injuries to both sides of the ball for 49ers including 2 crucial defensive players
  • Back to Back road games for the 49ers with injury holes to fill
1:00 PM ET Sept 19
Bengals vs Bears
Bengals +2.5
  • Bears secondary big issues week 1 with lack of pass rush.
  • Bengals passing offense extremely efficient vs Vikings week 1.
  • RB Montgomery lone bright spot on a weak Bears offense
4:25 PM ET Sept 19
Chargers vs Cowboys
Over 55
  • The Cowboys offense simply has too much weaponry and an offensive line that will put up points in bunches on a weekly basis..
  • Of course the Dallas defense is quite the opposite.
  • The Chargers offensive line was nothing short of dominant in Week 1, they will be facing the anemic front of the Cowboys, missing their best player

The NFL is the most popular sport for betting in North America. Only soccer exceeds it worldwide. The inherent setup of the NFL is also perfect for bettors. Instead of the daily grind with the NBA, NHL, MLB, and college basketball, NFL games are primarily played on Sundays. The one-off games on Thursday and Monday and then the Saturday games late in the season don’t overwhelm bettors.

Bettors have all week to decide what they want to bet on with the NFL. Some bettors make their plays early in the week in an effort to get the best of the line. Others will wait for more concrete injury information or to see how the lines move. Most will simply bet right before the game starts and they sit down with a snack and a beer to enjoy a lazy Sunday.

There are only 16 games per week maximum. In the NBA, you’re likely to have at least two days per week with 10 or more games and games every day. Same thing with the NHL. MLB has anywhere from 10 to 15 just about every day. The relaxed pace of the NFL lends itself well to betting and it is just one many reasons why that sport is king for most bettors.

But, if you want to bet on the NFL, you need to know how to bet on it. You need to know the bet types and how to differentiate between them. You need to know about the vig and the language and the terminology. We’re here to help.

Spread betting is the most popular way of betting on the NFL. In a given year, the best team and the worst team are likely to be about 20 points apart in power ratings. Oddsmakers and some bettors will incorporate power ratings to create the spreads. The spread is a handicap placed on each team so that betting action can be balanced.

Take the Kansas City Chiefs with Patrick Mahomes. Take the New York Jets with, well, anybody. Those two teams are not equal. You know it. I know it. The sportsbooks know it. As a result, the Chiefs will be deemed the favorite and they will have points subtracted from their total when you bet on them to “cover the spread”. The Jets will have points added to their total when you bet on them to cover the spread.

The spread is a handicap designed to make the teams a little more even. To make them more comparable. It is also to force bettors to make a decision. The spread allows the sportsbooks to balance the money as much as they can in order to have as many wagers on each side as possible.

Let’s say that the Chiefs are -14 at home against the Jets. If the game ends 35-17 with a Chiefs win, they would cover the spread. As long as the team would still win if you subtracted 14 points from their total, then they are the winning team with that bet. The Chiefs would win 21-17.

If you were to bet on the underdog Jets at +14, you would add 14 points to their final score. In the above example, the Jets would have 31, but the Chiefs still have 35. You don’t add and subtract from both sides. If you bet the underdog, you add points to their total. If you bet the favorite, you subtract points from their total.

The way to know which team is the favorite and which team is the underdog is to look at the plus sign (+) and the minus sign (-) in front of the number of the spread. The favorite has the minus sign. The underdog has the plus sign.

If the Chiefs won the game 28-17 and were -14, they would not cover the spread. The Jets would.

Another element of spread betting is the vigorish, also known as “vig” or “juice”. This is also designed to help the sportsbooks balance action and manage their risk. The standard vig in spread betting is -110. To use simple math, this means that you have to bet $110 to win $100. Or, $11 to win $10.

There will be vig on both sides, so the Chiefs could be -14 (-110) and the Jets would be +14 (-110). Sometimes, instead of moving the spread to 13.5 or 14.5, the sportsbooks will just add to the vig, so you could see Chiefs -14 (-115). That would mean $115 to win $100 or $15 to win $10. When the vig moves on one side, it will move on the other side, so the Jets would go to +14 (-105), so you would bet $105 to win $100 or $10.50 to win $10.

The money line is much simpler to understand, but a little bit more complex to bet. Money line betting simply means picking the winner. Using the above example, the Chiefs are -14 against the Jets. That means that they are extremely likely to win the game. There is a correlation between the spread and money line in that the larger the favorite on the spread, the more expensive the money line gets.

Instead of betting $110 to win $100 like you would on the spread, with a money line wager, you might have to bet -900 on Kansas City to win the game. That would mean betting $900 to win $100.

On the flip side, the bigger the underdog, the better the price on the money line. The Jets would be something like +600. That would mean betting $100 to win $600.

Money line betting carries a higher-risk, higher-reward element with the underdog. You have to make the decision if you want 14 points with the underdog or want to take the chance that the underdog simply wins the game outright.

With a favorite, you have to invest a lot more to win less when you bet on the money line. With the spread, you are giving up that 14-point handicap, but you don’t have to invest as much to win a similar amount of money.

Totals betting is also very popular in the NFL. This is a measure of the combined number of points scored in a game. NFL totals have gotten higher in recent years, but NFL totals can go as low as 37 and as high as 60 in some instances, depending on the offenses and the defenses of the two teams.

The goal here is to bet how many points will be scored combined, so the above example with a Chiefs 35-17 win means a total of 52 points. If the total was 51, that game went over the total. If the total was 53, that game went under the total.

Vig will apply to both sides of a total as well and carries the standard -110 vig, but sportsbooks often move the vig around or will move up or down a point or a half-point to balance action.

Parlays come in all shapes and sizes, but the one constant about parlays is that you have to win all of your bets on that one ticket in order to be a winner. If any one of the bets on your parlay ticket loses, the entire parlay is a loser.

Parlay betting means putting at least two bets on the same ticket to increase your payout. The problem is that you have no margin for error, so parlay betting requires perfect precision and the more games you bet on, the harder it is to be perfect.

Using the above example, you might have parlayed the Chiefs -14 with the Dallas Cowboys -8 against the New York Giants. If the Chiefs win 35-17 and the Cowboys win 28-10, then you win both bets of your parlay and will be paid out accordingly. If the Chiefs win 35-17, but the Cowboys win 28-24, your parlay is a loser because you did not win all of the bets on that ticket.

One extremely popular bet type with the NFL is to play a teaser. A teaser is an alternate form of a parlay, but these are things that both professional and recreational bettors will try in the NFL.

A teaser allows you to add and subtract points from a spread or total, depending on what you want to do. Most people prefer a 6-point teaser in the NFL. With a 6-point teaser, you would either add 6 points to the underdog line or an over or subtract 6 points from the favorite line or the under.

In the above example with the Dallas Cowboys, if you decided to do a 6-point teaser on Dallas at -8, your new line would be -2. If you bet on the Giants at +8 on a 6-point teaser, that would move that line up to +14.

With the Chiefs/Jets game and a total of 51, you would end up getting under 57 on a 6-point teaser or over 45, depending on which side you bet.

Like parlays, teasers stipulate that you must have at least two bets on one ticket. All bets on the ticket will be adjusted by the number of points for your teaser. With the NFL, the most common are 6-point, 6.5-point, 7-point, and 10-point teasers. The payouts will differ based on how many games you pick and how many points your teaser ticket is.

With the NFL, there are also options that are called “Derivative Betting”. This means that you are betting smaller segments of the game. You can bet 1st half lines and also lines by quarter. Teasers are not available for 1st half and quarter betting, but the other above bet types with the spread, money line, and total are available. They are all adjusted to the fact that you are betting a smaller increment of the game.

The favorite for the game will be the favorite for the first quarter and also the first half. The totals will be adjusted accordingly as well.

One of the most popular things in sports betting these days is live betting. Live betting means that you access your sportsbook while the game is in play and make bets based on the action that you’ve seen so far. Some people do this while watching the games. Others do this from something that they have seen in the box score.

The flow of the game and the things that have happened will dictate live betting. Some people prefer live betting to pregame wagering because you will have a frame of reference and will have seen what is going on. You will have a better idea of what to expect.

With live betting, you can bet spreads, totals, money lines, props, and more. All of those lines will be adjusted based on the game play.

Prop betting is also extremely popular in the NFL. Everybody plays fantasy football these days and there are some similarities between the two. Prop bets consist of things like “How many yards will Patrick Mahomes throw for?” with an over/under amount. If the line is 335.5 yards, you will have the choice on Mahomes to throw for 336 yards or more or 335 yards or less.

Other things like “Will Tyreek Hill score a touchdown?” are available, with the Yes priced at maybe +180 and the No at -200. You can bet over/under rushing or receiving yards for players that are listed.

Like all bet types, these, too, have vig attached to them, so you’ll have to decide how much you like that bet and if you want to risk the vig.

There are tons of NFL betting options each and every week, so you are sure to find something that you want to bet and we’ll continue to help with the process here at ATS.