Best Parlay Betting Sites – Parlay Betting App Reviews March, 2023

Look for the best betting apps and sites for betting parlays online. What makes a online sportsbook an attractive destination to bet on parlays can stem from a variety of reasons. In most cases however, the most significant factors will be the parlay payout odds, same game parlay options, and perhaps daily odds boosts offered.

What Is The Best Parlay Betting App?

There is no shortage of options for parlays or parlay betting sites in the business. Whether looking to parlay sides, totals, money lines, props, or create single-game parlays, we here at have played at all the parlay betting sites and came up with this top 5 parlay betting app list.

  1. FanDuel Sportsbook – Largest sports betting market & props, huge selection of same game parlays.
  2. DraftKings Sportsbook – Best daily stepped-up parlays, with odds boosts up to 100%
  3. BetMGM Sportsbook – Best parlay player rewards program
  4. Caesars Sportsbook – The best selection of SGP boosts
  5. BetRivers Sportsbook – Best for daily player specials and promotions

Best Parlay Betting Site Promotions

Parlay betting has grown significantly as more and more states in the US legalize sports betting. While most parlay betting sites offer similar odds as you can see below, not all offer the same signup bonuses or promotions.

Parlay Betting AppBonus & PromotionVisit
Caesars Sportsbook

First Bet On Caesar Up To $1250

Claim Now
BetMGM Sportsbook

First Bet Offer: Up To $1000 Back In Bonus Bets

Claim Now
FanDuel Sportsbook

No Sweat First Bet up to $1,000

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DraftKings Sportsbook

Bet $5 Get $150 In Bonus Bets

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Second chance bet up to $500

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Bet $1 Get $365 in Bet Credits

Claim Now’s Best Parlay Betting Sites & App Reviews:

1. FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook is one of the best parlay betting apps if not the best parlay sports betting site because it is one where you make parlay bets basically anything you want. FanDuel was one of the first to highlight the big player props parlays that you’ve certainly heard about and have seen reported in the mainstream media.

FanDuel Sportsbook Parlay Bet Payout Table:

Parlay # of TeamsPayoutParlay # of TeamsPayout
2 Team2.64-15 Team24.36-1
3 Team5.96-16 Team47.41-1
4 Team12.28-17 Team91.42-1
Parlay payout table at Fanduel based on -110 Odds

FanDuel Parlay Betting Promos:

  • TNT Parlay Thursdays – Place a 3+ Leg, $1+ Sing Game Parlay or SGP+ on NBA TNT Game(s) and get a bonus in free bets if your bet loses.
  • NFL No Sweat Parlay – Place a 3+ Leg Single Game Parlay or SGP+ wager with cash on any NFL Conference Championship Game(s) on 1/29/23, if your bet loses, get a refund in bonus bets.

A lot of different things across multiple sports can be parlayed, so you can put together a diverse Parlay Bet Slip with all of your thoughts and limit your risk by betting a little to win a lot.

FanDuel also offers Same Game Parlays that really can be used to your advantage if applied properly and also offers Parlay Insurance and Cash Out options. This is a betting site that writes a ton of parlay action and is also the most popular in the country by market share, so you will be betting with a lot of other people that have found out why FanDuel is the best parlay sports betting site.

2. DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook is another parlay betting site that offers Parlay Insurance and has a lot of different props and odds to parlay together. Their insurance policy isn’t as strong as somewhere like PointsBet, but the catalog of betting options is likely going to be a lot bigger. That’s really the difference between the two.

PointsBet’s ongoing weekly promotions seem to be stronger in the parlay department, but you really can’t go wrong with DraftKings if you want a larger props selection.

DraftKings Parlay App Payout Table:

Parlay # of TeamsPayoutParlay # of TeamsPayout
2 Team2.64-15 Team24.35-1
3 Team5.95-16 Team47.41-1
4 Team12.28-17 Team91.42-1
Parlay payout table at Draftkings based on -110 Odds

DraftKings Parlay Bonus Information:

  • No Sweat NHL Single Game Parlay – Bet an NHL SGP and get a bonus bet back if you lose!
  • NHL Stepped Up Parlay – The bigger the parlay, the bigger the boost with NHL Stepped Up Parlay!
  • NBA Daily Stepped up SGP – Build your NBA Same Game Parlay and get up to a 100% Profit Boost!

3. BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM is one of the oldest US sports betting sites and casino operators. As we talked about with the Caesars parlay betting app, this is a parlay betting site that has seen a lot of parlays in its time. Because MGM as a company has so many different resources and ways of making money, they offer some of the fairest odds in the industry. The odds still matter in the calculation of a payout from a parlay, so you still want to get the best price on the game no matter what.

BetMGM offers the Single Game Parlay and also has the Bet Builder function right on the main page of the sportsbook so that you can construct a parlay and see in real-time what the payout odds would be for that Bet Slip.

BetMGM Parlay Payout Table:

Parlay # of TeamsPayoutParlay # of TeamsPayout
2 Team2.64-15 Team24.36-1
3 Team5.96-16 Team47.41-1
4 Team12.28-17 Team91.42-1
Parlay payout table at BetMGM based on -110 Odds

4. Caesars Sportsbook

With the merger of William Hill and Caesars Entertainment, we now have two of the biggest players working together and that means great things for sports bettors. Parlay bets are big business for sports bettors. They were less of a thing when betting in the United States was restricted to Nevada, but they’ve really become the preferred bet type in the US. Caesars has fair pricing on odds and that carries over to very fair pricing on parlays as well.

Caesars has by far the best promotion available for new users, sign up now and get first bet insurance up to $1100.

Caesars Sportsbook Parlay Payout Table:

Parlay # of TeamsPayoutParlay # of TeamsPayout
2 Team2.64-15 Team24.36-1
3 Team5.96-16 Team47.41-1
4 Team12.28-17 Team91.42-1
Parlay payout table at Caesars based on -110 odds

Caesars Parlay Promotions:

  • Profit Boosts – daily select odds boosts on sides, parlays and SGP’s

5. BetRivers Sportsbook

BetRivers is available in many states and as PlaySugarhouse in CT. Many other betting sites have very similar parlay options, though one really special feature is the Jackpot Parlay at BetRivers. These are bet types with long odds because eight randomly selected bet options are sent to you. Typically you’d want to bet a parlay where you like a lot of the things on it, but, the Jackpot Parlay adds a little more gamble and you can bet small to win big, so as long as you do it responsibly and don’t overdo it, this is a cool option at BetRivers that other sportsbooks do not offer.

As always, no matter where you bet, do it responsibly. Parlays seem fun and like a great opportunity to make a lot of money, but they are extremely challenging to consistently win and even to occasionally win, depending on how many bets are on it.

BetRivers Sportsbook Parlay Payout Table:

Parlay # of TeamsPayoutParlay # of TeamsPayout
2 Team2.65-15 Team24.42-1
3 Team5.97-16 Team47.55-1
4 Team12.31-17 Team91.73-1
Parlay payout table at Sugarhouse/BetRivers based on -110 Odds

BetRivers Parlay Betting Specials:

  • NBA Single Game Parlay – Place 3 or More NBA SGPs of $10+ Every Week and get a $10 NBA Free Bet!
  • NHL Parlay Bet & Get – Place a qualifying 3+ leg NHL SGP of $10 or more, receive a 20% Profit Boost to use on any NHL wager.

Other Great Parlay Betting Apps For US Players

Unibet Sportsbook

Unibet has been expanding its reach in the United States and has become a very viable and popular option in the states of NJ, PA, IN and VA. Based in Europe, you know that Unibet knows how to handle a parlay bet or two and offers fair odds and strong payouts on its parlay tickets. A lot of people love to parlay soccer in Europe, so Unibet has a bevy of experience with that and it carries over to the other sports as well.

As always, no matter where you bet, do it responsibly. Parlays seem fun and like a great opportunity to make a lot of money, but they are extremely challenging to consistently win and even to occasionally win, depending on how many bets are on it.

Level Up Parlay Booster – Get a 50% cash boost on your parlay. With Unibet boosts, you decide exactly what to add to your parlay and all your winnings are 100% cash. Get up to a 50% Boost as many times as you want!

Up To $500 2nd Chance Bet

Unibet Sportsbook Review
Gambling Problem? Call or TEXT 1-800-Gambler 21+

Unibet Sportsbook Parlay Payout Table:

Parlay # of TeamsPayoutParlay # of TeamsPayout
2 Team2.65-15 Team24.42-1
3 Team5.97-16 Team47.55-1
4 Team12.31-17 Team91.73-1
Parlay payout table at Unibet based on -110 Odds


PointsBet Sportsbook doesn’t have as many options to parlay in some instances but is one that regularly offers Parlay Insurance. If you win all but one leg of a parlay ticket, you can claim a refund, generally up to either $25 or $50 depending on the promotion running at that time. There is nothing worse with a parlay bet than winning four out of five and having nothing to show for it.

Fortunately, if you bet at a sportsbook with Parlay Insurance like that, you can cut your losses a little bit by either getting a full refund or a partial refund, depending on the amount of the initial bet.

PointsBet App Parlay Payout Table:

Parlay # of TeamsPayoutParlay # of TeamsPayout
2 Team2.64-15 Team24.35-1
3 Team5.95-16 Team53.26-1
4 Team12.28-17 Team100.66-1
Parlay payout table at PointsBet based on -110 Odds

Types Of Parlay Bets & Betting App Promotions

Same Game Parlays

Same Game Parlays have become one of the most popular ways to wager on sports. With same game parlays, bettors can combine multiple bets from within one matchup in an attempt to amplify their profits. These parlays can include full-game lines such as point spreads and totals, as well as player props that take individual performance into account as well.

While parlays always carry more risk than a single bet, the Same Game Parlay allows bettors to put together multi-leg parlay bets on a parlay betting app with correlated results that have a better chance to win. For example, bettors who think that a team will struggle offensively in a game can bet not just on that team to go under their point total, but on individual players to go under their points props as well, for a bigger potential payout.

Parlay Profit Boosts

Parlay profit boosts are regularly offered by sportsbooks to enhance the amount that a bettor can make from each parlay bet that they place. These most often come in the form of a percentage boost on the profits that a bettor stands to make from their parlay ticket. Parlay betting sites may offer these on parlays within one sport or league, or for cross-sport parlays depending on what betting promotions they are running at the moment.

Profit boosts on parlays help to bridge the gap between the true odds of a parlay hitting and the odds that a sportsbook gives out on each parlay. Combining the profit boosts offered by sportsbooks with parlay legs that carry solid value individually is a great way to maximize the profitability of parlay betting, which is typically more profitable for the sportsbooks than anything else.

Parlay Insurance

With parlay insurance, the objective is to give bettors peace of mind when betting on parlays, which can typically provide anything but peace of mind. Parlay insurance most often is offered by sportsbooks to refund a bettor’s stake in the event that one leg of a parlay loses. Normally, if one leg of a parlay does not win, the entire bet is graded as a loss, but this insurance turns a parlay that falls short by one leg into a push instead.

The key to taking advantage of parlay insurance is to know how many legs the parlay bet needs to be in order to be eligible for insurance. Sportsbooks may require that the parlay bets be four or more legs to be eligible for parlay insurance, for example. The key in that case is to find enough legs that carry value on their own to justify placing a parlay wager with the insurance in place.

Parlay Bonuses

Another method that parlay sports betting sites use to add value onto parlay bets is to attach bonuses to parlay tickets. Parlay bonuses most often come in the form of an extra percentage added onto a parlay payout, with the percentage increasing with each additional leg that is added to the parlay. This is essentially done with the goal of getting bettors to put together the biggest parlays that they can.

While the added bonuses on parlays are nice to have, it is still important to not just throw together the biggest possible parlay to try and get the biggest bonus possible. Bettors should still research every leg they want to put into their parlay to make sure that it is a good bet. If that leg meets their criteria, then it is worth adding and reaping the rewards in the form of these parlay bonuses.

Risk-Free Parlays

Sportsbooks will also offer risk-free parlays a popular term for these is a “No Sweat Parlay” at times to entice players to place parlay bets. Risk-free parlays allow bettors to bet a specific amount on a parlay and to receive a free bet in a specific amount if the parlay does not win. This is a variation on the risk-free bet bonuses that sportsbooks offer to new customers, just for lower stakes with the involvement of a parlay wager.

For example, a parlay betting site may offer a $20 risk-free parlay bet, where a bettor can put down a $20 parlay bet and get a $20 free bet if it loses. If the parlay wins, of course, bettors will get a payout that greatly exceeds that $20 amount. But if it loses, that free bet can be used on another parlay or on a straight bet with a higher win probability. One of the most popular No Sweat Parlay options is at DraftKings Sportsbook.

Parlay Betting Sites & Sportsbook Information:

As bettors from across the country wade into the sports betting waters, parlays seem to be an extremely popular wagering method. By definition, a parlay is any Bet Slip (sometimes called a “Ticket”) with at least two bets that are grouped together. Both bets need to win in order for the parlay ticket to be cashed.

Let’s say you like three bets. With “straight” wagering, if you win two and lose one, you get paid for your two winning bets. With parlay betting, all three bets are together on the same ticket and all three have to win, otherwise you lose the entire ticket.

A lot of people like to bet parlays because you can bet a little to win a lot. Staring down three bets at -110 is a lot different than staring down one bet at +600. The reason why parlays pay better than regular wagers is because they are a lot more difficult to win. Winning one bet might not be that hard. Winning all three bets to cash a parlay ticket is a lot more difficult.

Parlays have been around forever, but they’ve taken on a much different meaning in the era of legalized sports betting in the United States. Most parlay betting sites allow you to parlay everything under the sun. You can parlay the spread and total from the same game. You can parlay a bunch of props. Some parlay betting apps even let you parlay futures together, so like a “Tampa Bay Title” future with the Buccaneers, Lightning, and Rays all on the same ticket.

The more items you add to a parlay, the more difficult it is to win, however, the bigger the “Odds” become. That is why you will see some crazy parlays with odds of +10000 or +50000. Parlay Betting Apps are willing to offer these outlandish payout amounts because you have a small chance of winning that bet.

For example, at +10000 odds, you need to win one out of every 100 to essentially break even. It sounds easy, right? Think of how many +10000 parlays the online sports betting sites see on a daily basis and how many of them lose. That is why you are offered such big odds and why so many people like to bet them. It’s a lot like scratching off a lottery ticket, except you have control of the numbers that you need to match in order to win.

Not all lottery tickets are low-risk, high-return ventures. Things called “Correlated Parlays” are now available to users because sportsbook apps are allowing customers to bet “Same Game Parlays”. For example, take a college basketball game with a total of 120 and a spread of +12. That game has a low-scoring expectation, so if you think it will be low-scoring, getting 12 points on the underdog is probably a good bet.

You can parlay under 120 with +12 because you believe that there is a correlation between the two. A low-scoring game and a team getting a lot of points.

Or take the NFL, where you might see a total of 55 and a line of -3. If you think that will be a high-scoring game and think the favorite will do most of the scoring or is the better offensive team, you could invest in a correlation between the favorite and the over.

A lot of parlay betting apps used to prevent correlated parlays because the right kind of calculation can give bettors the edge. With these new-school parlay betting sites that are just looking to write any kind of action that they can, correlated parlays are back to being an option.

Parlays offer up a lot of opportunities on each side of the counter. Parlay betting sites love writing parlay tickets because the vast majority of them are losers. A bettor might have a five-game parlay and go 4-1 and have nothing to show for it. Had those been straight wagers, 4-1 would have meant losing money from a sportsbook standpoint.

Bettors like them, especially those with smaller bankrolls, because you can bet a little to win a lot. Some people really do look at sports betting as a form of gambling in that way, so they can take their chances to bet small and win big. But, bettors can also use them as a weapon if they believe a certain number of events will happen.

Like a lot of bettors like to use money line parlays to put together big favorites in college football or UFC or another sport because it seems like a better use of resources to bet $10 to win $50 on a bunch of big favorites and maybe one underdog than to bet $10 and win $3 on each of the big favorites.

Parlay strategies are up for a lot of debate. Many people will say not to play parlays at all. Parlays are inherently a losing proposition because the odds given to win a parlay (the payout) are not the true odds. The actual likelihood of what you have bet occurring is not the same as the payout. In most cases, far from it. But, like everything else, there can be a time and place and a method to the madness.

We won’t sit here and preach to you about the time, but we will tell you about the place. Well, places, in this case. Some parlay betting apps are a better bet for parlays than others. Parlay Insurance is a popular perk or promotion offered by different online sports betting sites. Others allow you to parlay more things together, like player props or the Same Game Parlay options. A lot of parlay betting sites also offer Cash Out options now where you can decide to just take your winnings to that point instead of risking what you’ve already won.

If you are going to bet these long shots, at least do so at the best parlay sports betting sites so that you can limit the additional risk as much as possible.

Parlay Betting Site FAQ

What sportsbook apps have parlays?

Every legal US betting app has parlay options, some have higher payout odds, and others have more betting markets to offer, however, your best bet for a parlay betting app is at FanDuel sportsbook, DraftKings Sportsbook, BetMGM, Caesars Sportsbook, and BetRivers.

Is parlay betting legal?

Yes, sports betting is legal in 26 states, in those states parlay betting is available.

Where can I bet on same game parlays aka SGPs?

The best parlay betting site for single game parlays is FanDuel sportsbook however all US parlay betting apps offer them in some form.