Tipico Signup Promo, Bonus Code & Sportsbook Review

Global sports betting leader Tipico may not be a household name in the United States, but it very well could be in due time. Tipico has a small market right now with access only to the New Jersey sports betting market, but we’ve seen a lot of European companies come across the pond and lay some foundations in NJ before branching out to other states.

That would seem to be the plan for Tipico, a sportsbook that prides itself on a lightning-fast mobile app and a really strong sign-up bonus. A lot of sportsbooks in the industry look to make some of those claims, but not all of them are able to back it up.

In the case of Tipico, they can.

We’ll tell you all about Tipico and give you a full rundown of what they have to offer, what they do well, what could use some improvement, and then tell you what we think here in this sportsbook review.

Tipico is headquartered in Germany and has offices in several places around the globe, including Croatia, Malta, and even Colombia. Most of the European sportsbooks that have come stateside are from the UK, but Tipico was Germany’s leading sportsbook and viewed as one of the top sports betting providers in the world.

Tipico began in Europe in 2004 and really pushes transparency and honesty in the bookmaking and betting processes. You can tell right from the jump that Tipico tries to interact and relate with customers on a fan level. Sure, they have a business to run and things to tend to, but the same passion for sports that customers have shows through with how Tipico conducts business.

New Jersey was the first landing spot for Tipico, but plans were also in the works at that time to add Colorado to the list. Both New Jersey and Colorado have had very open, very fair legislation for the sportsbooks and have been attractive destinations as a result. We’ll see how quickly Tipico expands across the United States, but this should be a popular sportsbook with the players that are willing to sign up.

The Tipico Group Ltd. has over 1,800 direct employees and over 4,000 employees in other businesses associated with Tipico.

The Ocean Casino and Resort in Atlantic City is the licensing partner for Tipico and the U.S. headquarters are in Hoboken, NJ.

One of the hallmarks across the board for European bookmakers that have ventured across the pond is that their betting apps are polished products. Legal sports wagering has been around in Europe for a long time, so these operators already had the best sportsbook apps in the business. They already had longstanding technological partnerships and were instantly able to provide users with cutting-edge technology.

That is true of Tipico and the app is very much a source of pride. State-of-the-art technology and cybersecurity measures protect your information, which we’ll get to more in a minute, but the app is also extremely fast and reliable. Some apps are really clunky, especially those tasked with displaying and processing a lot of data. Tipico has a lot of data and a lot of layers, but the top-notch digital tools create a fast and safe sports betting environment.

Separate apps are available for both Android and iOS, so regardless of the smartphone that you use, you’ll be able to use the Tipico app and also get all of its impressive features. Their systems are built to the highest standards for user experience and data protection, so you are going to be able to bet with confidence.

Because Tipico is primarily in New Jersey now and will soon be in Colorado, a lot of different deposit methods are available. Those two states are both very player-forward and operator-forward. Once you get signed up, you’ll be able to use third-party payment processors like PayPal, but you can also use credit or debit card, ACH/e-check payments, electronic online bank transfers, or contact customer service for any other options that are out there.

Registration is a breeze, as you simply click the Register button and put in your personal information. New Jersey is a Remote Registration state, so you can sign up anywhere for Tipico, but have to be physically located in NJ to place bets. The same is true of Colorado for when Tipico officially launches there.

Once you register, follow the prompts to deposit using any of the methods listed above and you’ll be all set to go. Just remember that geolocation technology will confirm your location to ensure that you are in an approved jurisdiction for placing bets.

Withdrawals are also easy and processed very quickly by the payment team. One of the nice things about Tipico is that not a lot of people have found out how great of a sportsbook it is yet, so the Tipico staff doesn’t have to deal with the overwhelming volume of other places. It means that you can get help much faster and will also see your transactions processed in a quicker fashion.

This is where it really pays to sign up with Tipico. As a late arrival to the New Jersey sports betting market, Tipico has to have some incentive for players to sign up. Tipico provides a quality product, but lags behind the others in name recognition. That means that the sign-up bonus has to be better and bigger.

In the case of Tipico, you’ll get a 100% Deposit Match Bonus. It all depends on the time of year whether that is up to $500, $750, or $1000, but you’ll automatically double your deposit thanks to bonus funds from the site. Even if you are unsure of Tipico or don’t really trust the name – even though you should! – then a 100% Deposit Match Bonus is an extremely nice perk to give the site a try.

Promotions and bonuses are a really big part of the betting framework in Europe and Tipico has brought that element to the US as well. A lot of boosted odds, parlay boosters, and other perks and promos are available for new and existing customers.

Tipico is also one of the few US sportsbooks to offer a Reload Bonus. That means that if your account runs low on funds or you just want to add money to your bankroll, there is a bonus for that. You’ll get Parlay Insurance as well, which is not something that every sportsbook offers.

With that European background and mindset, you’re going to find lots of sports betting odds on events that are taking place in the United States and all over the globe. All of the European operators that come stateside are far more advanced in terms of the soccer betting markets, with Olympic-style sports, golf and tennis, or other international competitions like baseball and basketball.

Because of increased demand in around the world for the major six North American sports, you’ll also see all of the odds you could possibly need for MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, college football, and college basketball.

Money Lines, Spreads, Totals, Futures, Props, you can find it all at Tipico. In fact, this is a sportsbook that looks to have a lot more Player Props than other sports betting websites and mobile apps. You’ll also find alt lines, 3-way betting, and a whole lot more.

Remember how we talked about the speed of the mobile app? The most visible example of the power of the Tipico Sportsbook Mobile App comes with live betting. As the “Ultimate Center for Live Betting”, the Tipico App updates virtually in real-time to give you the most updated in-play wagering odds and updated scores. Tipico even offers live Player Props to fully utilize all of that cutting-edge technology.

The Stats Hub in the Tipico app is the most comprehensive in the industry and allows you to make the most informed wagers possible. There is even a custom, real-time play-by-play module that gives you the best chance at winning.

As we said, the passion for sports from Tipico permeates every part of the site. They’re fans just like we are. It’s just that they’re the ones taking the bets instead of making them.

Tipico Sportsbook combines the best of both worlds. You can see the European model in full display, but you can also see what Americans are accustomed to with betting. The app looks great and employs a really powerful data engine to provide lightning-fast speeds, especially with the Live Betting platform. All of the bells and whistles with the Live Betting platform, like the Stats Hub and the Play-by-Play functions, are going to increase your chances of being a winner.

The 100% Deposit Match Bonus is also one of the best deposit bonus options in the legal sports betting world.

If you want a trusted sports betting app run by people with a passion for what they do and how they treat customers, then you want to download the Tipico Sportsbook App to register for an account today.

Tipico Sportsbook Signup Promo & Bonus Code
Tipico Bonus CodeATS100
First Deposit BonusUp to $750