BetFred Sportsbook Review

The British Invasion of the ‘60s brought us The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, the Dave Clark Five, Herman’s Hermits, The Zombies, and The Animals. The British Invasion in the sports betting world has brought a lot of new operators to these post-PASPA United States.

Another one to add to the list is Betfred. Betfred got its start in the United Kingdom in 1967, ironically enough, when founders Fred and Peter Done wanted to create a single bookmaking shop in Ordsall, Salford, England. Now, Betfred has a customer base of over 10 million and has clients in over 100 different countries.

Betfred has been a visible part of a lot of different sporting events in the UK, including the rugby Super League, the World Snooker Championships, and has been a preferred sponsor at horse racing tracks.

Betfred is considered the largest independent bookmaker in the world and came across the pond to set up shop in Indiana and Colorado, with operations expected to begin in Pennsylvania sometime in 2020.

Iowa was actually the first state for Betfred in January 2020 with a retail sportsbook at Grand Falls Casino. Betfred also had initial partnerships with Wind Creek Bethlehem in Pennsylvania and Saratoga Casino in Colorado. The Betfred USA headquarters are in Las Vegas.

Admittedly, we still have a lot to learn about Betfred and they have a lot to learn about operations in the United States.

Based on what we know, here’s what we can tell you about this operator.

The motto for Betfred is “By Players, For Players”. By being an independent bookmaker, Betfred can cultivate and foster a more personal experience than a faceless corporation. That is something that Betfred has been proud of for a long time and offers 24/7 customer service in more than 20 languages.

With its entrance into the United States, Betfred will bring its cutting-edge technology and very potent betting app to a new market of users. Because Betfred puts an emphasis on the consumer, the app is among the easiest to use and navigate.

A lot of the operators in the United States are fairly new to the game. Not Betfred. They’ve been around for over 50 years and have been growing ever since they started operations. As a privately-owned company, they’ve had to go about it the hard way, by consistently proving themselves time and time again and expanding their reach by acquiring other companies when the time is right.

In other words, this is a sportsbook operator that won’t get complacent. The status quo won’t be good enough. Advancements and enhancements are going to come regularly with Betfred because this is a company that has never been able to afford to settle. You have to appreciate something like that, particularly in the competitive sports betting environments that Betfred has decided to be a part of across the country.

Because of the manner in which Betfred has had to build its client base while battling against larger entities, this is one of the best sportsbook apps for bonuses and promotions. A lot of opportunities are there to grab free bets and participate in contests. Those things could potentially be lucrative if you are able to make the most of your offers.

Naturally, with your first deposit, a sign-up bonus is coming your way. Betfred accepts all of the traditional deposit methods that you would expect, ranging from major credit card to bank transfer, and withdrawals are also quick and easy.

There are a lot of positive attributes about Betfred, but there are some things that we will be following closely. One of the past complaints about Betfred has been a limited number of betting markets and options. While Betfred does hit most of the big ones in Europe and will have to focus extensively on the major pro sports in North America, you may not find a whole lot of prop betting options or robust futures markets.

When it comes to the sports betting business, demand can produce supply and Betfred may have to be a little bit more aggressive in the United States, particularly in Colorado where there are a lot of different operators looking for betting dollars. That will be something that we will keep a close eye on here at ATS and will consider in our rating and evaluation process.

As a private bookmaker, Betfred may not have the same risk profile as some of the other operators, so you may not always find the best odds or the widest variety of odds, particularly with live betting. Lower betting limits are also a possibility for certain events and they may be quicker to cut limits players that exhibit the ability to win long-term. That won’t matter for recreational bettors, but pros and deep-pocketed bettors that consistently beat the vig might want to stay away.

Ask any serious bettor and they will tell you that you want to have as many different accounts as you can so that you can line shop. Betfred may not always be the best, but you are bound to find good lines there on some markets and will probably find a more extensive listing of European sports markets than most other shops.

The bonuses and promotions make Betfred worth trying out no matter what because they want the opportunity to earn your trust, particularly as a European-based sportsbook starting out in the United States.

Give them a try today!