Circa Sports Review & Bonus Information

Currently headquartered in the intimate setting of Golden Gate Hotel & Casino in Downtown Las Vegas, Circa Sports is just waiting for the opening of the new Circa Las Vegas mega-resort in December 2020 to have groovy new digs and the largest sportsbook in the world.

The expansion doesn’t stop there for Circa Sports. Operations through a partnership with the Century Casino in Cripple Creek, Colorado have brought Circa Sports to the Rocky Mountain State for its first foray outside of Las Vegas.

This is a major development in the sports betting world. Circa Sports just began operations in June 2019 and has carved out a reputation as a player-friendly entity with low hold percentages and the ability to parlay futures. We’ll see how sustainable the business model is long-term with high limits and lower hold percentages than anything you will find in the industry, but that style of bookmaking has gained a ton of respect in the community and has turned Circa into one of the largest players in the game in a very short period of time.

The fact that Circa will enter the Colorado market should have other operators on notice. One of the sticking points about some of the other operators in the gambling space after PASPA was overturned by Murphy v. NCAA in May 2018 has been higher vig and higher hold percentage. If Circa adopts a similar strategy to what has worked in Las Vegas, it would force the Colorado operators to be competitive.

Colorado is going to have retail sports betting in Cripple Creek, Black Hawk, and Central City, but interested bettors are going to have the freedom to sign up from anywhere in the state and bet on mobile apps or online on the websites for the operators.

Circa Sports gains full marks from those that have been involved in the industry or follow the industry and that should be no different in Colorado.

Focused on the Player

Derek Stevens gets it. That has been a common theme since he took over what was formerly known as Fitzgeralds on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas. The D isn’t one of the iconic downtown properties like Golden Nugget, Binion’s, or Four Queens, but every table is always packed and Derek is known to saddle up at the Longbar and drink with patrons.

Between his two properties, The D and Golden Gate, Derek has house rules that are friendly for players and has carried that over to Circa Sports. Circa Sports may have low hold percentages and take a lot of risky high-limit bets, but players appreciate that and have been very receptive to a lot of the different things that Circa has done, including the Circa Sports Million, the first legitimate competitor to the world-famous SuperContest, the NFL betting contest held annually by the SuperBook, now located at the Westgate Las Vegas.

Circa Sports has top-end futures prices for events like golf or the Heisman Trophy and has built a favorable reputation that will precede its entry into the Colorado market. Even casual gamblers know Circa’s name and it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see a pretty big handle from online and mobile wagering in the state.

The question is whether or not enough novice bettors are going to concern themselves with things like hold percentage and understand that Circa’s odds are often going to be better than their competitors. That will be all about the marketing.

Fast Growth

Is Colorado just the tip of the iceberg for Circa Sports? The market conditions were clearly right for Circa Sports to expand into another state less than one year after its Las Vegas launch. A low tax rate and what looks to be a highly competitive environment was enticing to Stevens and the other investors.

Perhaps this could be a gateway into a broader reach for Circa Sports. It would make sense for Circa to make a move into Michigan with a Detroit native like Stevens at the helm. Bettors that don’t live in Colorado would be wise to see how things progress because their state could be getting a Circa Sports app sooner rather than later.

We’ll have to wait and see if the Circa Sports Million or the Survivor contests make it to Colorado for the NFL season, but those could be a very attractive feature for those with access and those that could potentially have access in additional states down the line.

Easy Sign-Up

The sign-up process in Colorado is very easy. Unlike other states that have mandated in-person registration, Colorado has opted not to do that. Sign-up can be done from the comfort of home on a smart device or a computer. The pertinent personal information will go into the boxes and that will be all that is required to sign up.

Deposits are a breeze as well. In true Circa fashion, the enticing sign-up bonuses to join up in Colorado fall right in line with their positions on the players. Sign-up bonuses are not a thing in Las Vegas, so there was some question as to how the operators based in Nevada would adapt to the new market across the country, but we’ve seen a lot of places offer something very competitive. It is far from surprising that Circa would do the same.

Why Circa Sports?

Having multiple sportsbook apps at your fingertips is important when trying to find the best betting odds. More often than not, Circa Sports is going to be the one that has those. This is a must-have app for all Coloradoans, much like it is a must-have for anybody in the state of Nevada. If you take sports betting seriously or are just a novice learning your way, the Circa Sports app is going to be at the top of your list.