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ATS Betting App
ATS Betting App
ATS Sport Betting app
ATS Sport Betting app

Get access to today’s best bets, matchup stats, track your bets, join our streak contest, and claim sportsbook bonuses. All this can be done directly through the ATS app. Download today and join the ATS betting family.

What makes a good sports betting app?

How do you know that what you are using is going to help you win more bets and make more money?

Why are some sports betting apps better than others?

Personal preference plays a big role in whether or not you find an app helpful or not. Some sports betting apps have a bet tracking function, but they don’t have anything to help you decide what you want to bet on. Other apps have all kinds of content, but nowhere to track your bets. Some apps have content and a place to track your bets, but don’t have an odds screen to show you the current lines.

Whether you treat sports betting as a hobby, a form of entertainment, a supplement to your income, or take it really seriously and try to treat it like a career, it can be an overwhelming endeavor. Tracking your bets is important to see the sports where you excel and to track your closing line value. Reading content may help you uncover an angle that you weren’t considering or some statistics that either give you pause or strengthen your positions. Having access to an odds screen with updated lines for spreads, totals, and money lines lets you know if something you are considering has moved one way or the other.

Do you want bells and whistles? Do you want a bunch of flashy graphics and advertising for products, services, or sportsbook bonuses? Are you looking for something straightforward and easy-to-use?

Realistically speaking, you’re probably looking for something with a lot of handicapping tools and helpful bits of information, but presented in a way that is simple to navigate. Some advertising and some sportsbook referrals are fine, as long as they aren’t in-your-face and over-the-top. Hey, even some sportsbook bonus offers are a good thing because you can sign up and take advantage of a great offer.

We’ve seen most of the apps that are out there. A lot of them are good. They have different services and different looks and different options and check a few boxes.

We’ve yet to find one as good as the ATS App.

Are we biased? You bet we are, but that’s because we put a lot of time and effort into cultivating the only sports betting app that you will ever have to download.

Remember what we said in the intro. Some apps have a bet-tracking function. Some apps have a regularly updated odds screen. Some apps have content. Some apps have a database full of stats, trends, and information. We haven’t found many that have it all and present it in a way that is neat, tidy, legible, and with just the right amount of bells and whistles.

The ATS App – short for Against the Spread – is the perfect culmination of everything that a handicapper could want. Full article integration from the website means that you will be able to see the picks and predictions articles, but also the sportsbook promotions and legal industry news updates covered by our outstanding staff.

The Bet Tracker allows users to keep up with what they’ve bet, the unit amount, and their results.

The Odds Screen features multiple US sportsbooks to show updated odds for spreads, totals, and money lines at all the top-rated sportsbooks.

A full-on stats database covers everything from basic, longstanding facts and figures to some of the advanced metrics that are out there for MLB, NBA, and NHL.

You can message with other cappers, get notifications when somebody posts plays, and also use those modestly-placed sportsbook banners to sign up and get the best sign-up bonuses that those operators have to offer.

You can even buy a subscription to receive premium model selections for less than $20 per month or less than $10 per week.

Bet from almost anywhere

Bettors from all over the United States, and even those that have found the app and like its features, but bet overseas, are drawn to its simple, yet complex ability to present a lot of data in an orderly fashion. It is the great accompaniment to legal US sports betting or even for those users outside of the US that have different sportsbooks at their disposal.

Think about all the states with legal US online and mobile sports betting:

And the states and areas with retail sports betting:

  • Arkansas
  • Delaware
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • Washington
  • South Dakota

And the states that voted to legalize sports betting coming soon:

  • Maine
  • Nebraska

And the states that will try again in 2023:

  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Kentucky
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Oklahoma
  • Wisconsin

And the states that will need an extra push:

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • North Dakota
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Vermont

Betting is here. And more people than ever before have access to legal betting markets. That is why a sports betting app like ATS needed to be released. It needed to be a resource and a virtual best friend to bettors.

Not only do we have lots of states with legalized betting and plenty more on the way, but there are a ton of different places to bet. The expansion of betting in the United States has put so many different operators into play, with top-rated US sportsbooks and those that are looking to improve their products to get a larger market share.

Top-rated sportsbooks like:

And dozens of other sportsbooks, ranging from places like TwinSpires (formerly BetAmerica) to Barstool (formerly Penn National) and places like Circa and Superbook with deep Las Vegas ties. Additional operators seem to be popping up every day in a variety of different states across the country.

Like we said, the entire thing can be overwhelming. It can be a lot just to stay on top of the industry and the choices while trying to handicap the different games and events to place your bets.

There is something for everyone in the sports betting world nowadays. The choices are seemingly endless, from the games you can bet to the props and futures wagers, to the places where you can bet them and the states in which you can place a bet. And it changes every single day. There is always some new piece of news or a new game to consider.

What makes a good sports betting app is a piece of software that has something for everyone. A program and a product that checks all the boxes. An app that can keep up with this fast-changing world of legalized sports betting.

That, our friends, is the ATS App.

Sports Betting App With The Best Odds, Bet Tracker, Contests & More

When fine isn’t good enough, you have to take matters into your own hands and that it precisely what we decided to do with the ATS app.

There are a lot of apps out there for sports betting that are fine. They work. They do what they’re supposed to do for the most part. There just wasn’t anything that stood out. There wasn’t anything that made us want to keep coming back for more. We found ourselves going back to the traditional sources on the internet for betting odds and statistics.

So, we decided to put our heads together and create what we wanted to see from what is now the competition. The ATS app has everything you could possibly need. You can track all of the bets that you make. You can see the odds at multiple sportsbooks, not just on individual games, but also on futures. You can see full, detailed statistical breakdowns of the matchup between the two teams.

The social element of betting on sports was also something that needed to be implemented. Within the app, you can follow different users and get notifications on their picks and you can also trade messages back and forth about bets, games, and life in general.

Our goal in this process was to be the answer to search queries and questions that bettors have. Which betting app has the best odds? We wanted to be the answer to that question, which is why our easy-to-read and simple-to-navigate tables allow you to scroll through and see the odds at different sportsbooks and also see where the lines have moved since the opener.

Sports Betting Tracker App

Other apps out there have sports betting tracker features, but we feel like ours is the best. It is so easy to use. Just look at the odds page, select the team that you want to bet, and then put in your Risk Amount, ranging from 1 unit up to 10 units. The app will do all the work for you. Slide your finger from left to right within the app to bring up the account menu for your account and you can see your record, balance, and also check your past picks.

Other sports betting tracker apps don’t make it that easy. They don’t make it that easy to put your picks in or to see your past results and outcomes. These things aren’t supposed to be difficult. Too many developers and planners try to fit too much into their products. We wanted a clean look that was more about what you want to see and what you want to access and less about a bunch of animations and bells and whistles that take away from what you really want to accomplish. You want to see the odds. You want to track your bets. And you want those two things to be easy.

What Is The Best Sports Betting Tips App?

Our extensive matchup data sections for each game include the basic stats and metrics and also incorporate some of the more detailed and advanced statistics, so there is something for everyone when you break down a game. If there is a stat that you want to know and you can’t find it on the ATS app, then you’re going to have do a lot of time-consuming digging somewhere else. That is why we’ve added as many metrics, facts, and figures as we could.

The stats and standings in the ATS app put us at the forefront of the “What is the best sports betting tips app” discussion. We also don’t throw a bunch of advertising at you. In that Account Menu, you’ll see the current offers from some of our affiliates. We hope that you take advantage of those because they are excellent opportunities, but you aren’t going to open the ATS app and see a barrage of ads. We don’t want to beg you to do anything. This is an app created for the people by the people. The best way to utilize our years of experience in the business was to create an app that would check all of the boxes that we would want to have checked.

  • Live Odds and consensus? Check.
  • Extensive stats and metrics for handicapping the game? Check.
  • Free contests? Check.
  • Messages and notifications? Check.
  • Pick tracker? Check.

So that’s what we did. We checked all of our boxes and the app is going to do the same for you. What is the best sports betting app? ATS. Which betting app has the best odds? ATS. What is the best sports betting tracker app? ATS.