PointsBet Sign Up Promo – How Bonus Bets Work


2 Risk Free bets

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  • 2 Risk Free Bets
  • $500 Risk-Free Fixed Odds
  • $1500 Risk-Free PointsBetting
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PointsBet Sign Up Bonus & User Perks

The language of sports betting is pretty similar across the board. The marketing of sports betting by the different sportsbooks is not. It can be a little bit confusing to remember what all of the sign up promotions and bonuses mean across the industry because each sportsbook uses different terms and words to describe the new offers, free bets, user rewards, and more.

When you sign up at PointsBet new users initially get two perks:

Risk-Free Bets

The initial perk for signing up with PointsBet is the $2000 in risk-free bets offer. On your first fix odds bet, PointsBet will issue up to $500 in credits if it loses as well as up to $1500 in credits on your first “spread betting” or “Points Betting” wager if that loses.

PointsBet Rewards & Bonus Bets

PointsBet is one of the few sportsbooks to reward users on each and every bet made with their exclusive rewards program.

  • Earn 1 reward point for every $5 wagered on a fixed odds bet
  • Earn 1 reward point for every $1 wagered on a parlay
  • Points Betting wagers earn 1 point for every $1 won or lost

Users can then convert the reward points to bonus bets based on 250 points = $2.50 and place wagers on any market at PointsBet. All winning bets are paid out in cash but do not include the initial bonus bet amount.

How Points Bets Become Bonus Bets

The most common Bonus Bets for PointsBet come as a result of your initial sign-up. If you use the exclusive bonus code ATS2000 and sign up through us, you will receive up to $2000 in risk-free bets. Terms and conditions apply to these risk-free bets, which are given to a user that loses his or her first bet. The “risk-free” part means that you will get a refund of your bet amount in Bonus Bets. You don’t get real dollars back, but Bonus Bets work very similar to real dollars at PointsBet.

These will be visible in your account under “Bonus Bets”. It is extremely important to remember that Bonus Bets must be wagered within seven days of being put in your account. To reiterate, Bonus Bets essentially have an expiration date at PointsBet and you have to wager that amount within seven days or the bonus funds will disappear.

Winning Bonus Bets turn into real money. Unlike a standard bet, in which a bettor would also get the stake refunded, players that win Bonus Bets only get the winnings. For example, if you bet $100 in real money on an even money bet (+100), you would get your $100 for winning and get the $100 you bet back into your account. With a Bonus Bet, you only get the winnings. So, a Bonus Bet of $100 on an even money line at +100 means that you would get $100 if you win. The Bonus Bet goes away.

A really important distinction between PointsBet and a lot of other sportsbooks is that the Bonus Bets do not have a rollover amount. With bonus funds at a lot of sportsbooks, a “rollover” is required, which means that you must bet a certain amount of money before you can withdraw. Some books are a 5x rollover, which means that you have to bet 5x of your bonus money winnings before you can request a withdrawal. Some are even as high as 25x!

PointsBet does not have a rollover requirement. If you win your Bonus Bet, that money is immediately eligible to be withdrawn. The only requirement at PointsBet is that you must rollover your initial deposit one time. So if you deposit $100 real money dollars, you are required to place at least $100 worth of bets before you can withdraw. Bonus Bets do not have that requirement.

Let’s be honest. You can read about how PointsBet Bonus Bets work or you can sign up and find out for yourself. You will be eligible for Bonus Bets if you use the bonus code ATS to sign up.

Along with the Bonus Bets and all of the other promotions, PointsBet offers spread betting, as well as the revolutionary PointsBetting system, so there are a lot of perks and attractive features to having a PointsBet account.

Sign up today!