XFL MVP Odds: Race Already Down To Two Players?

XFL MVP Odds: Race Already Down To Two Players?

In the NFL, fans don’t really know who the MVP is going to be four weeks into the season. With 32 teams, a 16-game season, and a handful of superstars on most teams, there are simply too many potential candidates. But that is not the case in the XFL.

In the XFL, there are only eight teams and ten games. So, with four games out of the way, it is safe to say that the pool of MVP candidates should be getting smaller.

If a player hasn’t shown some potential yet, chances are he will not show enough over the final six games to overshadow those who have. For those who have shown signs of relative greatness, the window is getting smaller. One or two bad (or not great) games could be enough to knock you out of contention.

Of course, if the opportunity to make a significant impact does not present itself, then it can be hard to make a case for MVP honors. That is likely why PointsBet.com has only one non-quarterback on the list, Houston Roughnecks wide receiver, Cam Phillips.

But through Week Four, it looks like the race could be down to just two guys:

  • J. Walker -149
  • Jordan Ta’amu +130
  • Josh Johnson +1000
  • Landry Jones +1600
  • Cardale Jones +2500
  • Taylor Cornelius +3500
  • Luis Perez +4000
  • Cam Phillips +4000

However, just because the odds make it look like the race is down to two guys doesn’t mean no one else has a shot.

It would be hard to see Houston’s Phillips get it over Walker. Voters will see the great work Phillips had and assume his quarterback, Walker, deserves a good chunk of the credit (thus, killing any chance Phillips has).

Josh Johnson looked like he could become a contender after a solid game against the Defenders, but then a lackluster outing against the New York Guardians makes it kind of hard to get behind him. After two poor outings in a row, it is even harder to get behind Cardale Jones.

It would take a miraculous turnaround for his candidacy to recover.

Even though he has been interception-prone, Renegades quarterback Landry Jones has played well. But after missing Week One and at least the next two weeks (if not more) with a knee injury, his chances are probably shot.

That leaves Taylor Cornelius and Luis Perez.

Cornelius was okay in his first start but looked really good in his second. Should he continue to improve, and he leads the Vipers on a winning streak to end the season, he’ll become a legitimate candidate.

Perez has had one start. He was not spectacular, but he turned the Guardians offense from inept to efficient. He’ll need to keep New York winning and do more down the stretch, but his candidacy has hope—for now.

For either to have a shot, they will need both Walker and Ta’amu to implode down the stretch. Otherwise, it will be hard to say either had a better season than a guy who played well for the entire season.

So—how should you bet?

The smart money is on Walker or Ta’amu. Both have generated a little over 1000 yards of offense. But Walker has down more in the passing game and has twice as many touchdowns (13 to 6). However, Ta’amu has a slightly better QB rating so far (105.9 to 104.5).

Either one would be a good bet right now, but putting a couple of dollars down on Cornelius wouldn’t be a terrible idea (but just a couple).

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