XFL Futures Betting Odds: Who’s Going To Win The XFL?

XFL Futures Betting Odds: Who’s Going To Win The XFL?

Normally, when the NFL season concludes with the Super Bowl, football fans are forced to wait a few months for more football—but not this year. The weekend after the Super Bowl saw the XFL begin its season. While the quality of the game is nothing like the NFL, it is football.

So, if you really want to watch, or bet, on some more football, the XFL is there for you to get your fix.

Of course, when the season began, it was impossible to tell who had a shot to win it all and who didn’t. These teams had just formed a few weeks earlier. There was no way of knowing who was going to gel and get on the same page first.

But three weeks in, it is starting to become clear who the better teams are—which is reflected in the most recent title odds posted at DraftKings:

  • Houston Roughnecks +200
  • DC. Defenders +350
  • St Louis Battlehawks +450
  • Dallas Renegades +550
  • Los Angeles Wildcats +900
  • New York Guardians +1200
  • Seattle Dragons +2000
  • Tampa Bay Vipers +2000

So—who’s going to win it all?

With seven weeks left in the regular season, no one is technically out of the running. But barring a miraculous turnaround by the Vipers, Dragons, and Guardians, it is hard to see either of the three becoming a legit contender. All three of terrible offenses and there is no reason to think they are going to improve enough to become competitive this season.

The Wildcats showed a lot of promise with a 39-9 shellacking of the D.C. Defenders last week. Josh Johnson and the offense finally appeared to be on the same page, and the defense looked good against a tough Defenders offense.

But with losses to Houston and Dallas in Weeks One and Two, the Wildcats will have their work cut out for them the rest of the season.

That leaves Houston, D.C., Dallas, and St. Louis.

Don’t bank on the Defenders winning it all. They will probably bounce back against a poor Vipers team this week. But then the Battlehawks will destroy them in Week Five.

St. Louis looks like the most complete team so far and will likely represent the East Division in the title game. But they will have their work cut out for them against the winner of the West, Houston, or Dallas. They beat Dallas in Week One, but the Renegades were without starting quarterback Landry Jones in that game. Houston beat them in Week Two, but it was a close, competitive game.

Dallas was considered a frontrunner to start the season and could become the frontrunner again if they can beat the Roughnecks in Week Four. But no one has been able to slow down Houston quarterback P.J. Walker, and there is no reason to think the Dallas defense will.

However, whether the Houston defense can contain Landry Jones and the Dallas offense remains to be seen.

So—who should you bet on? For now, the smart money is on Houston, but betting on Dallas or St. Louis would not be a bad idea either.

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