If you can keep fandom out of the decision-making process, deciding which team you want to bet on to win the Super Bowl can be tough. The Patriots will be in the mix, of course. The Rams will likely be a contender again as will the Chargers, 49ers, Eagles, and Steelers. A case could even be made for several teams.

So, how do you decide who to bet on?

The decision process can be a difficult one, but what if you didn’t have to choose only one team? What if you could select every team in a given state? Thanks to the sportsbook at DraftKings and Fanduel, you can.

DraftKings is offering odds that the Super Bowl winner will come from the following states:

  • California (Rams, Chargers, 49ers, Raiders) +425
  • Florida (Jaguars, Dolphins, Buccaneers) +2000
  • Pennsylvania (Steelers, Eagles) +700
  • New York (Bills, Jets, Giants) +2100
  • The Field -455

The only tempting wager other than taking ‘the field’ is ‘California.’ The Raiders are not going to win it next season and the 49ers likely will not either. But the Rams, who played in last year’s Super Bowl, and the Chargers have a real shot at making it (+1000 and +1500 odds respectively).

Pennsylvania is not a bad choice (Eagles– +1200; Steelers– +2200). But it isn’t a great one either. However, with the Patriots, Saints, and Chiefs left off the board, taking ‘the field’ makes the most sense. It includes too many good candidates and some decent fringe ones (like the Bears at +1800, Packers at +2000, and Colts at +1400).

But taking the field isn’t as much plus you’d have to bet a lot just to win a little with -455 odds. If you like the idea but wish there were more choices, Fanduel is offering the same bet—location of the Super Bowl winner – but with more options:

  • California (Rams, Chargers, 49ers, Raiders) +430
  • Florida (Jaguars, Dolphins, Buccaneers) +2100
  • Pennsylvania (Steelers, Eagles) +800
  • New York (Bills, Jets, Giants) +2100
  • Ohio (Browns, Bengals) +1300
  • Texas (Cowboys, Texans) +1300
  • The Field -160

That still leaves the Patriots, Chiefs, and Saints, unaccounted for. With those three, who happen to have the shortest odds to win the Super Bowl next season, under ‘the field,’ once again, that is the safest option.

But is there value in going with one of the states?

Florida is out. The Jaguars have an outside shot at making it to the Super Bowl, but there is no telling how Nick Foles will do in that offense. New York is definitely out; the Jets have the highest win total projection of the three at just seven games.

The Browns make Ohio intriguing, but there is no way the Bengals become a Super Bowl contender. So, if you are going to back the Browns, you might as well do so individually (+1600). While the Steelers and Eagles will likely be good teams, it is hard to say they will be good enough to win it all this year (so forget Pennsylvania, too.

That leaves California and Texas.

With the odds the Cowboys (+2500) and Texans (+3600) have, you stand to win as much or more if you split your money and put some down on each individually rather than as a pair (+1300). But with the California option, you have two teams with great odds (Rams and Chargers), one with okay odds (49ers), and a longshot (Raiders).

However, if you split your money up the right way, you can put some down on each of the four teams and still come out with as much or more than if bet on the group.

For either site, the best bet is to take the field. Otherwise, it just isn’t worth it to wager on a group rather than the individual teams.


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