What Does Fate Hold Now For Josh Rosen? Odds On New Team Say….

What Does Fate Hold Now For Josh Rosen? Odds On New Team Say….

With all the talk and speculation that has surrounded the Arizona Cardinals and Kyler Murray, it wasn’t exactly shocking when they made him the No. 1 pick of the draft Thursday night. What was surprising, though, was the rumor that they did not seriously begin shopping Josh Rosen until minutes before the draft.

What this may tell us is that the many times Kliff Kingsbury said a decision had not been made yet, he wasn’t lying. But, by waiting so long, they virtually guaranteed that no one would meet their asking price—a first round pick.

However, had they been shopping him around the last couple of months, they probably still would have struggled to find any takers. Anyone they approached would have been able to guess they were trying to dump Rosen because they wanted to draft Murray.

But crazy things tend to happen during the draft. Someone may offer a package of lesser draft picks for Rosen that the Cardinals can live with. Maybe the Cardinals give up and just take the best offer they get.

They could also hold him hostage for the next few seasons as a very inexpensive handcuff in case Murray struggles or get hurt. It would be pretty unfair to Rosen, but since he is under contract, they may decide there is more value to holding on to Rosen then trading him for pennies on the dollar.

If they do move him, with the Giants and Redskins drafting quarterbacks in the first round, BetOnline.ag has the Dolphins as the new favorite:

  • Cincinnati Bengals +300
  • New Orleans Saints +400
  • Los Angeles Chargers +400
  • New England Patriots +600
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +600
  • Miami Dolphins +150

The Bengals keep getting included in lists like this one in case the team decides to cut ties with anything that reminds them of the Marvin Lewis regime. But it would be foolish to do so since the team has a rookie head coach.

New Orleans, Los Angeles, New England, and Pittsburgh all have established quarterbacks, but Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, Tom Brady, and Ben Roethlisberger could retire soon. But the Steelers may have their quarterback of the future in Mason Rudolph or Joshua Dobbs.  The Chargers may view Geno Smith as the successor to Rivers. New Orleans has three potential replacements for Brees in Teddy Bridgewater, Taysom Hill, and JT Barrett.

That leaves the Patriots and the Dolphins.

Tom Brady is talking about playing for a couple more years, but at his age, he is one hard hit/injury away from calling it quits. Brian Hoyer is the only other QB on the roster.

Miami and the Cardinals have supposedly been talking but have not gotten close to making a deal. But with Ryan Fitzpatrick set to start this season, they may be inclined to wait until next year. If they have a high enough draft pick, they may opt to go with someone in the draft.

It would not be surprising.

At this point, the Cardinals are more than likely going to start the season with Rosen on the roster. But if anyone is going to make a deal for him, it will be the Patriots—but the Cardinals are not going to get much for him.

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