The goal of every person placing a wager on a team to win the Super Bowl is to win money—hopefully, lots of it. So, you pick a team to win it all and hope for the best. But the chances of your team making it to the big game and winning it are not very good.

The New England Patriots are favored to win the Super Bowl this year at +700 (via Since they have played in the AFC Championship every year since 2011, it is not hard to imagine them at least making it to the big game. But their odds only give them a 12.5 percent chance of winning.

That isn’t very good, which means even if you take the favorite, there is a good chance you will lose. But what if there was a way to better your chance of winning (or not losing)? The payout would not be as lucrative, but winning some money is better than losing—right? is offering a few different options for people interested in betting on the Super Bowl that don’t want to pick just one team:

  • Winning Conference

o AFC     -116

o NFC    -106

The AFC, being home to the two teams with the shortest odds (Chiefs and Patriots), is the understandable favorite when it comes to picking a winning conference. An AFC team has won four of the last six, and there doesn’t seem to be an NFC team that can rival the Patriots or slow down the Chiefs.

Take the AFC to win.

  • Winning Division

o AFC West         +420

o NFC South        +500

o AFC East, NFC West      +550

o NFC North        +600

o AFC North, AFC South +650

o NFC East           +700

When it comes to the strength of the division, the AFC West is the way to go. The Broncos and Raiders are not going to help, but the Chiefs (+800) and Chargers (+1600) have a better than average shot at winning. The AFC East has the Patriots, of course, but nothing else.

As for the NFC South, the Saints are in the top three (+900) but also has two decent longshots (Falcons +3200 and Panthers +5000).  A similar argument could be made for the NFC West with the Rams being in the top four (+1100) and the Seahawks (+3000) and 49ers (+3200) as viable longshots.

This is a tough one. A good case could be made for the winner to come from the AFC West, AFC East, NFC South, and NFC West. As great as the Patriots are, they are not as strong as they used to be, and there is no way the Bills, Jets, or Dolphins magically become contenders this season.

The NFC West and South both have three excellent teams. But the Rams could suffer from the dreaded ‘Super Bowl hangover’ this year. With Todd Gurley’s availability in doubt, it is a little bit harder to back the Rams.

As for the Saints, Drew Brees appeared to tire towards the end of the season last year. Carolina would need a lot of things to go their way as would the Falcons.

The strongest collection of Super Bowl contenders is in the AFC West. Kanas City will undoubtedly be in the mix again as will the Los Angeles Chargers.

Take the AFC West to win.


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