Time To Bet Against The Baltimore Raven?

Time To Bet Against The Baltimore Raven?

The notion is going to seem crazy to anyone living outside of Tennessee. With how the Baltimore Ravens have been bulldozing people this season, it is hard to imagine a Titans team that squeezed its way into the playoffs in the final week of the regular season could be a threat.

Tennessee was a great story in the wild card round, especially since they beat the Patriots. But in the divisional round, it is time to get serious. Upsets by overperforming underdogs are fine and all in the wild card round. But in the divisional round, it is time for the best teams to get it done.

That way, we are more likely to have a true champion at the end of the day and not some team that happened to get lucky.

So, then, how come it is time to bet against the Ravens? They are 9.5-point favorites against the Titans this weekend for a reason. Nine of their 14 wins came by more than 9.5 points, so it shouldn’t be too hard to imagine them beating the Titans by that margin.

Derek Henry could be a problem. If the Ravens defense struggles to slow the regular season rushing champ down, they could be in trouble. Then again, the Titans are going to have to figure out how to slow down Lamar Jackson (which is easier said than done).

But that may mean it is time to take the Titans and the points on the chance that Tennessee somehow manages to keep it close. Is that betting against the Ravens, though, since the Ravens are still moving on?

The Ravens are favored to win the AFC (-137 via DraftKings) and Super Bowl Bowl (+200), at this point. However, the question remains—why bet against the best team from the regular season?

Easy—because they are cursed.

Yes, sports fans, the ‘Drake Curse’ has been placed on the Baltimore Ravens. It happened Tuesday night when the popular rapper Drake wished Lamar Jackson a happy birthday on social media. Sports fans know that whenever Drake is in your corner or gives you a shout out, you are destined to lose.

It happened to Alabama last year.

It happened to Anthony Joshua back in June.

Just ask fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Kentucky basketball, Serena Williams, Connor McGregor—the list goes on and on. At some point, Drake became a public fan of the team/person, and they lost the big game/fight.

In Kentucky’s case, the perennial contenders can’t seem to win a title no matter how many superstars they have ever since Drake and John Calipari became friends. Drake even used the Curse to help his Toronto Raptors last season.

During Game Seven of the series with the Raptors, he posted a video to social media of himself wearing 76ers shorts. Sure enough—Kawhi Leonard got one fortuitous bounce on that final shot.

So, when it comes to the Ravens, how should you bet? That depends—do you believe in curses, or do you believe in a dominant run game paired with a good defense and a passing game that isn’t bad, either?

The Curse seems to prefer to strike when the odds favor one side rather heavily. The +350 payout (money line via DraftKings) should the Titans win isn’t bad. But not losing your money and betting on the Ravens sounds even better.

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