Three Ridiculous 2019 NFL Props Everyone Should Put Money On

Three Ridiculous 2019 NFL Props Everyone Should Put Money On

The beginning to the end of life without football has finally begun. On Wednesday, the Denver Broncos unofficially ushered in the start of the race to Super Bowl LIV by being the first team to report to training camp. Just like that—football is back!

Now, all they did on Wednesday was report to camp; they will not practice until Thursday. Why so early? Because they play the Atlanta Falcons (who report on Sunday) in the Hall of Fame game on August 1.

With the new season drawing near, that means football fans and gamblers everywhere will soon be able to put some money down on their favorite team(s). But what they will need to do first is decide where they want to put their money.

Do they bet with their hearts and wager on their favorite team? Or do they go with their heads and make an objective decision on who to wager on?

If they are putting money down on a team to win a division, conference, or the Super Bowl, they should absolutely do their homework and make the most informed decision possible. However, there are three props bets offered by FanDuel that everyone should put a little something on.

No, they are not a sure thing by any means. In fact, more than likely, none of the bets will payout. But if even one of them does the payday is going to be incredible—and there is a chance, albeit a very slim one, that one of them could pay off.

  • Will a team go 16-0 during the 2019-20 regular season?

o    Yes    +3500

o    No    -7000

There has only been one 16-0 team in NFL history, the 2007 New England Patriots (the regular season was only 14 games back in 1972 when the Dolphins went undefeated). But there have been several teams over the years that have gone 15-1 or 14-2.

So, while it is something that has only been done once, it is something that could quite easily happen again.

  • Will any team go 19-0, undefeated in the 2019-20 regular season and playoffs?

o    Yes    +10000

o    No    -70000

The ’07 Patriots got pretty darn close but lost to the Giants in the Super Bowl and finished 18-1. The ’85 Bears also finished the season 18-1, and there have been four teams that have gone 17-2. Coming close will not win you any money of course, but if there were a strong probability it could happen, the odds would not be +10000.

  • Will any team go 0-16 during the 2019-20 regular season?

o    Yes    +2800

o    No    -8000

There have only been two, the ’08 Detroit Lions and the ’17 Cleveland Browns (who had gone 1-15 the year before). A handful of teams have gone 1-15 and 2-14. So, theoretically, there have been several teams that were a play or two away from going 0-16—which means it could happen again.

It wouldn’t be shocking if the Miami Dolphins were to fall in that trap this season. They are tied with the Arizona Cardinals for the lowest win total (5) this season. Early point spreads only have them favored in three games this season (Redskins, Bills, and Bengals), but not by much.

Should they have some issues at quarterback this season, which is entirely possible, they could easily lose those three as well.

The likelihood that any of these happen is pretty darn small. The chances are good that any money bet on either of the three to actually occur is lost money.

But if it isn’t….it wouldn’t take much to win big. Who wouldn’t mind turning $10 into $1000, $280, or $350? Or if you really want to go crazy, turn them into a three-leg parlay for a shot at $1.05 million.

And you’ll just have to risk $10.

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