Three Indianapolis Colts Bets That May Be Too Good To Pass Up At PointsBet

Three Indianapolis Colts Bets That May Be Too Good To Pass Up At PointsBet

The Indianapolis Colts are kind of a dark horse team this year. On paper, they look like they are going to be pretty good. Their defense is stout, the running game is good, they have one of the best offensive lines in the league, and they have a future Hall of Fame quarterback in Philip Rivers.

Does that mean you should bet on the Colts? Well—yes, but it depends on the wager. is offering three that everyone should consider:

  • Week One
    • Indianapolis Colts (+1) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars on 9/13 (Was Colts -7) +100 is running a promotion of a sort on this one that they call a crowd booster. For every 200 bets, they move the spread a point in the Colts favor. Assuming it doesn’t move from this point, the question becomes whether the Colts will beat the Jaguars.

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With their offensive line, the potential their running game has with Marlon Mack and Jonathan Taylor, and a veteran quarterback guiding the offense, it will take some serious Minshew Magic for the Jags to win this one.

To be fair, Gardner Minshew did show a lot of promise last year. He does have a solid group of receivers. There is a chance they could make this more interesting than people think.

If that concerns you, wait another week or so for the spread to become +7 or +10 and then take it.

  • Philip Rivers Opening Day
    • Philip Rivers to Pass for 2+ Touchdowns on 9/13 (Boosted from +100) +115

This one is a little tougher to call. On the one hand, the Colts likely signed Rivers to give the offense more life in the passing game. It wouldn’t be shocking if the team let him go nuts and flex his muscles in the passing game in Week One.

Rivers does have a good wide receiver to work with in TY Hilton, and Jack Doyle is an emerging talent at tight end. Indy’s running backs have been good receivers out of the backfield as well. But what about the Jaguars defense?

They were not a good unit last year and, for once, they didn’t spend a ton in free agency this year. After they traded away their best pass rusher, it is safe to say the Jags defense will not be any better than it was last season.

Go ahead and take this one, too.

  • AFC Championship Matchup
    • Indianapolis Colts/Buffalo Bills+3500

The odds on this one tell you all you need to know. At +3500, that means this matchup has a 2.78 percent chance of happening. When you consider some of the other strong teams in the AFC, it makes it hard to take this one seriously.

Both are top five when it comes to odds of winning the AFC, the Colts and Bills are both in the top five. But betting on them to both make it to the game and for the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs have to miss. That is kind of hard to see.

The odds tell us it’s a longshot, but don’t even waste $10 on this one.


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