Terrell Suggs wants to be a Raven Forevermore

Terrell Suggs wants to be a Raven Forevermore

Terrell Suggs is bringing the sizzle back to the NFL for at least one more season. On Wednesday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Suggs is expecting to be on an NFL roster in 2019. Suggs has played in 16 NFL seasons. He is planning to play in a 17th season for the Baltimore Ravens.

At 36 years old, Suggs has been one of the most durable football players ever. He has played all 16 games in 12 of 16 NFL seasons. Injuries during the 2012 and 2015 seasons were the most down years. Four years ago, Suggs only played in a single game. However, he has started 47 out of the last 48 contests with the Ravens. Meaning, the Ravens believe Suggs is capable of playing at a high level in the fall.

Overall, Suggs has 854 career tackles. He will come into the season with 132.5 sacks. Suggs has also forced 33 fumbles during his 16-year career. Yet, he won’t be a charity case for the Ravens’ spectacular defense. He has accounted for 26 sacks over the last three seasons, including seven sacks last year.

The Ravens produced the No. 2 scoring defense at 17.9 points per game. They are expected to play at a championship level next year. As a result, Suggs has the opportunity to go out on top with a second Super Bowl victory. He was a key piece to the 2012 Super Bowl champions. That’s when Suggs produced a career playoff high of 13 tackles during their four-game run.

Suggs produced a career high 14 sacks during the 2011 season. He was named AP NFL Defensive player of the year. However, it wasn’t the only season where Suggs accounted for double digit sacks. So far, he has had seven such seasons, including in 2017.

If the Ravens decide not to bring him back, Suggs will look to land with another title contender. Therefore, it will be interesting to see what type of contract the Ravens offer Suggs during free agency.

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