Super Bowl Novelty Prop Bets: Odds On Who’s Going To Retire?

Super Bowl Novelty Prop Bets: Odds On Who’s Going To Retire?

No one wants to leave the game, but there eventually comes a time where everyone has to leave it. The hope for many is to be able to do so on their own terms. No one likes to be forced out because of injury. It is not uncommon for guys to want to go out on top after a win in the Super Bowl, either.

Heading into the Super Bowl, there isn’t anyone talking about hanging it up after the game. But that doesn’t mean the thought hasn’t crossed anyone’s mind. With so many players retiring at relatively young ages these days, no one is off-limits.

DraftKings has identified three players as candidates to possibly retire in the days following the Super Bowl:

  • To retire before February 10:
    • Terrell Suggs +150
    • LeSean McCoy +300
    • Emmanuel Sanders +700

Of the three, Suggs is the most likely choice. The question of retirement came up towards the end of last season but was quickly shot down. But it is likely going to come up again over the week leading into the Super Bowl.

After getting let go by the Ravens, Suggs, who turned 37 this season, signed with the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals ended up cutting him during the season, leading to the Chiefs picking him up off the waiver wire.

His impact on the game has decreased in recent years, which is likely why the Ravens let him walk. During his short time with the Chiefs, he has not played much. This likely means his role has been more to provide depth.

To be minimized like he has been cant be how he wanted his career to wind down. But at his age and with the miles he has on his body, no one is going to want him to lead a defense.

So, if he ends his 17th season with a win in the Super Bowl, he should absolutely retire. It certainly wouldn’t be surprising if he did.

LeSean McCoy is a tougher call, but a case could certainly be made for him to call it quits after the game as well. He is at the age for running backs where the skillset often tends to drop off (31; he’ll be 32 in July).

While he has had some solid moments with the Chiefs, he doesn’t play much (35 percent of the Chiefs offensive snaps). With Damien Williams getting most of the snaps in recent weeks and likely to lead the way in the Super Bowl, chances are good he will get cut in the offseason.

After getting let go by two teams (Buffalo and Kansas City) because he isn’t that same electric guy fans loved in Philly anymore, it may be time for him to call it a career. Doing it after the Super Bowl, win or lose, would be a perfect time.

However, it would be a little more surprising to see Emmanuel Sanders retire. He is not young (32), and his numbers are not mind-blowing. But in San Francisco’s run-heavy offense, he could easily be productive enough to warrant a roster spot for a few more years.

But winning the Super Bowl may put life and football into a whole new perspective for him.

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