Super Bowl Betting Tip: Four Prop Bets For The Serious Gambler

Super Bowl Betting Tip: Four Prop Bets For The Serious Gambler

Prop bets have long been a part of gambling on sports like football, but it almost seems like they reach a whole new level for the Super Bowl. Perhaps, with the season about to end, oddsmakers let their creative juices flow for the big game.

For some books, you name it, and they have a prop bet covering it—and nothing is sacred. Interested gamblers can find sites taking bets on the color of Gatorade that will get dumped on the winning coach, the coin toss, the color of Demi Lovato’s wardrobe, etc.

The list could easily go on and on, and on…but there are four particular ones that 888sport is offering that are going to be highlighted here:

  • Either team to be shutout
    • Yes +4000

Both teams averaged close to 30 points a game during the regular season, making it hard to imagine either getting shutout. The closest the Chiefs came was when they managed just 13 in their Week Five loss to the Colts.

San Francisco’s season-low came in Week Seven against the Redskins (nine points)—which also happened to be the only shutout their defense pitched all season. Kansas City hasn’t pitched a shutout since the wild card game against Houston during the 2015 season.

There has never been a shutout in the history of the Super Bowl. A few teams came close, scoring just a touchdown, and the Broncos only managed a field goal in Super Bowl VI, but no one has been shutout. While the 49ers defense is impressive, the Chiefs offense is just as remarkable.

The smart bet here is no bet. Honestly, the odds of this one should be much longer. However, if you can go without a latte for a couple of days, the potential payout is worth risking $10.

  • Either team to score three times unanswered – Including Overtime
    • Yes -265
    • No +200

Kansas City accomplished this in each of their playoff games—but not against a defense as tough as the 49ers. They didn’t have to stop an offense as good as San Francisco’s, either. The Chiefs did control Derrick Henry in the second half of the AFC Championship last week—so, maybe there is a chance they can do the same to the 49ers run game.

But enough of a chance to put money down on ‘yes’ at -265? No.

  • 1st half 2-minute warning occur with exactly 2:00 on the clock
    • Yes -455
    • No +330
  • 2nd half 2-minute warning occur with exactly 2:00 on the clock
    • Yes -335
    • No +245

You would think this one might be tough to call. Yes, teams will often let the clock run down to the two-minute warning. But they will just as often try to squeeze in one more play, too. Of the eight two-minute warnings in the four playoff games the Chiefs and 49ers played in, five fell right on 2:00.

So—how should you bet this one? Getting this right is a total crapshoot; there is no way of knowing or being able to make even an educated guess. If you take it, you might as well say no on both as part of a parlay.

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