Seattle Seahawks In Driver’s Seat To in NFC West—But Should You Bet On Them?

Seattle Seahawks In Driver’s Seat To in NFC West—But Should You Bet On Them?

Monday night’s 37-30 win over the Minnesota Vikings was significant for the Seattle Seahawks. It would have been regardless of what transpired on Sunday. But with the Baltimore Ravens taking down the San Francisco 49ers, the Seahawks are now in control of the NFC West.

The 49er and Seahawks are both 10-2, but since Seattle owns the tiebreaker, they are now the division leaders, relegating the 49ers to wild card status. Not only are they division leaders now, but they are also favored to win the NFC West.

The latest odds, according to DraftKings, are as follows:

  • Seattle Seahawks -118
  • San Francisco 49ers  +100
  • Los Angeles Rams +6600

Technically, the Rams are not out of the running, but at 7-5, they will be soon. But while the Seahawks are favored, it isn’t by much. According to these odds, they have a 54.13 percent chance of winning the division while the 49ers still have a 50 percent chance.

So— who should you bet on to win the NFC West?

It is easy to say who is not going to win it—the Rams. They essentially need to win out while the Seahawks and 49ers drop their last four (or go 1-3 depending on tie breaker scenarios). That just isn’t going to happen.

The division is going to come down to the Seahawks and 49ers, and possibly their regular-season finale in Week 17.

Seattle will likely be 13-2 heading into that game. They face the Rams, Panthers, and Cardinals in the three weeks prior, but they should be able to win all three. Los Angeles might be able to pull off the upset if they can keep playing like they have been (but it is unlikely).

San Francisco’s road is going to be a little tougher. They face the Rams as well (in Week 16), but also pay a visit to New Orleans this week and host the Falcons next week.

Neither team can really afford to lose heading into that final week showdown. On the off chance that they lose to the Falcons or Rams, the 49ers will need to beat the Saints. That way, if they beat the Seahawks, but the two have identical records, the 49ers will win the common record tiebreaker.

The Seahawks should be favored in all three games and shouldn’t lose to any of them. That means, with a win over the 49ers, they can secure the division and probably a first-round bye.

But who is going to win the rematch?

The game was extremely close and well-played the first time around. However, when it comes to needing and getting a clutch win, few are better than Russell Wilson. Jimmy Garopplo is good, but he is not at the same level as Wilson.

Wilson gives Seattle the edge and will be the reason why the Seahawks win the regular-season finale against the San Francisco 49ers and the NFC West division.

Now, if these two manage to meet in the division round (and they could), that game is going to be must-see-tv.

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