Ravens RB Alex Collins Arrested After Car Accident Near Team Facility

Ravens RB Alex Collins Arrested After Car Accident Near Team Facility

At this time of year, the last place NFL players want to see their names pop up is in the media. When they do, it rarely means something good. More than likely the player named is about to get cut, or he has done something illegal, and he is in trouble with the law.

The next time Baltimore Ravens running back Alex Collins sees his name in the paper, it could be because the restricted free agent is being let go. But for now, it is because he is in trouble with the law.

According to several media reports, Collins was arrested early Friday morning about a mile from the Ravens practice facility after getting in a car accident. His car crashed into a tree near Owings Mills around 6:48 in the morning.

Details of the accident have yet to be made available at this time. It has not been stated whether he was driving the vehicle or if another car was involved. The exact nature of the charges has not been released, either.

All that the team has said is that they are aware of the situation and have spoken with the police.

With such little information available it is hard to speculate on what the charges may be. Typically, details on such incidents are easier to come by—unless the charges are more severe in nature.

Collins is actually the second NFL player to be arrested this week in relation to a car accident. Free agent wide receiver Demaryius Thomas was arrested earlier this week on charges of vehicular assault stemming from an accident he was in earlier this month.

He was also charged with reckless driving and driving without proof of insurance.

His accident occurred on February 16, days after getting released by the Houston Texans, in the Denver area. It happened around 12:20 in the morning. Thomas was said to be driving over twice the speed limit, 70 mph when his SUV went off the road and flipped end over end.

The car stopped on its wheels. One of the two passengers in his car suffered serious injuries.

Thomas has yet to be signed to another team, but the market is not going to be as robust for a 31-year old receiver as it will be for a 24-year old running back like Collins (should the Ravens decide to let him go).

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