Oddsmakers Have Josh Rosen Being Traded To The Washington Redskins—But Are They Right?

Oddsmakers Have Josh Rosen Being Traded To The Washington Redskins—But Are They Right?

This cannot be the way Josh Rosen saw his career in the NFL getting started. Yes, getting drafted was part of the plan and going early in the first round was great. But here he is in a media-induced state of limbo wondering where he is going to play in 2019.

Does he listen to the team when they say they believe in him and want him to be the quarterback of the future? Or does he believe the media reports that say the team is going to draft Kyler Murray and trade him after just one season?


What’s a 22-year old kid with a guaranteed four-year, $17.6 million contract to do? Ideally, he should vacation somewhere that doesn’t have internet access or television until after the draft. If the Cardinals draft Murray, then he’ll know his days are numbered.

If they don’t, then he is likely safe.

Of course, the Cardinals could cut through all the suspense and trade him before the draft, which is just around the corner. Oddsmakers at one sportsbook recently revised where they think he is going to end up (via Bookmaker):

  • Which Team Will Josh Rosen Be on Week 1 of the 2019-20 NFL season?

o    Washington Redskins +179

o    Arizona Cardinals +216

o    New York Giants +193

o    Los Angeles Chargers +877

o    New England Patriots +4141

o    Cincinnati Bengals +5000

o    Field (any other team) +142

The Bengals can be ruled out. They have given no indication that they are looking to move on from Andy Dalton anytime soon. It is not uncommon for a new head coach to want to have his own guy at quarterback. But a first-time head coach like Zac Taylor could also benefit greatly by having a veteran quarterback.

New England can be crossed off as well. Bill Belichick needs to get someone in place for Tom Brady’s inevitable retirement (someday). Brian Hoyer, the only other quarterback on the roster, is not the guy. But it would be more likely for Belichick to draft someone in the later rounds than give up a second-round pick for someone else’s garbage.

The Chargers are likely an option because Philip Rivers is not a young man. But he has given no indication that he is going to slow down anytime soon. Besides, the Chargers will be fine with Tyrod Taylor behind center (if they need him).

That leaves the Giants, Cardinals, Redskins, and the field.

The Giants need a new quarterback but have given no indication that they plan on acquiring one anytime soon. They almost seem to have set their minds on letting Eli Manning continue to play just to spite the rest of the world.

Washington, like the Giants, is listed more because of need than because of anything substantive. Right now, they are set to have Case Keenum and Colt McCoy battle it out to see who gets to be the bridge to Alex Smith (assuming he returns) who is but going to be the bridge to someone else.

But all that is going to play out over the next couple of years making a trade for Rosen right now premature.

That means he is going to be sticking with the Cardinals.

All the speculation stemmed off a comment Kingsbury made long before he was the head coach for the Cardinals. He was still the head coach of Texas Tech at the time, and was being complimentary of a quarterback his team was about to face.

There was really nothing to read into, but since the offseason is all about speculation and creating storylines, that is what happened.

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