Odds Which NFL Head Coach Will Be Fired Next?

Odds Which NFL Head Coach Will Be Fired Next?

When the Washington Redskins let longtime head coach Jay Gruden go a few weeks ago, no one was surprised.  It was a move most considered a long time coming. But it also led to one very important question. Who’s next?

Head coaches get fired every year. Most of the time, teams wait until the end of the season. But on occasion, they do pull the plug during the season (like the Redskins did with Gruden). According to the rumor mill, a couple of other head coaches could join Gruden in the unemployment line soon.

By soon—before the end of the regular season (to be precise, before Week 17). For those who are convinced they know who’s next, Bovada.lv is offering odds:

  • Dan Quinn EVEN
  • Freddie Kitchens +450
  • Adam Gase +450
  • Anthony Lynn +450
  • Pat Shurmur +1000
  • Zac Taylor +1100
  • Vic Fangio +1100
  • Matt Nagy +1800
  • Brian Flores +2000

You would think Brian Flores, the head coach of the dreadful Miami Dolphins, could be the next to go. But there hasn’t been any indication from the Dolphins organization that they are considering letting him go during the season or after it.

Zac Taylor would be an even better candidate as the head coach of the winless Cincinnati Bengals. But, like Flores, there has yet to be even a rumor that the Bengals are considering letting him go.

Matt Nagy could be considered a candidate with the season the Bears are having. However, after leading the team to a division title last season and winning Coach of the Year, he’ll be given another chance next season.

Vic Fangio’s Denver Broncos have not had a great season, but like most of the other first-year coaches, there have not been too man grumblings about him. He’ll get at least another season before John Elway considers firing him.

That leaves Dan Quinn, Freddie Kitchens, Adam Gase, Anthony Lynn, and Pat Shurmur.

Expectations were not great for the Giants and Pat Shurmur heading into the season. So, the poor performance this year is not shocking. But if they were to lose to the lowly Jets this week, he could find his job in serious jeopardy.

Anthony Lynn might have saved his job for the rest of this season by letting offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt go. That way, he looks like he is trying to do something even if the move ultimately doesn’t help.

As for Quinn, Kitchens, and Gase—it could easily be any one of them.

Gase has done nothing of value with the Jets this season. While not having his starting quarterback for a good chunk of the season hurt, Sam Darnold has regressed since regaining the starter’s job. Darnold’s mono will likely make sure he finishes the season. But without drastic improvement next year, he will not last past midseason.

There was so much hope for Kitchens and the Browns, but the results have been dreadful this season.  Kitchens has made several questionable decisions. He may get some slack because he is a first-time head coach. The Browns are also a team that was okay with a head coach that went 1-31.

But the future does not look good for Falcons head coach Dan Quinn. When it is news that a head coach still has his job, then you know that his seat is red-hot. If the season has been going so bad those rumors surface, the head coach can expect the ax to come soon

So—how should you bet? There is value in Shurmur, Kitchens, and Gase. But put your money on Quinn.

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