Odds On Who Tom Brady Is Playing For In 2020

Odds On Who Tom Brady Is Playing For In 2020

If you believe the rumor mill, a break-up in New England has been destined to happen for years. Of course, Brady’s age has fueled much of that speculation. But Brady has remained healthy and productive, and the Patriots have continued to win.

Brady and head coach Bill Belichick have been unbelievably successful over the years. But for some crazy reason, the 42-year old Brady is going to test free agency this year, and Belichick is not going to stop him. Insane, right?

Maybe—but many believe it is going to happen. Brady is going to leave town and take his considerable (all be it aging) talents elsewhere. For those who are confident they know where Brady will play next season, DraftKings is offering odds.

Who Is Tom Brady Playing For in 2020?

  • Patriots -335
  • Titans +700
  • Raiders +900
  • Dolphins +1400
  • Chargers +1600
  • Cowboys, Buccaneers +2000
  • Colts +3300
  • Bears +4000
  • Broncos, Steelers        +5000
  • Panthers +6000
  • Lions, Saints +6600
  • Jaguars, Vikings, Giants, Eagles, Redskins +7000
  • Rams, Jets, 49ers +8000
  • Falcons, Bills, Bengals, Browns, Packers +10000
  • Cardinals, Ravens, Texans +25000

Of course, most of the teams can easily be eliminated from consideration because they don’t need a quarterback. Either they already have a young one (i.e., the Cardinals, Ravens, Jets, Bills, Redskins, Giants, etc.) already have a well-established starter (like the Saints, Packers, Falcons, etc.) or are financially committed to someone (like the Vikings).

Need is a crucial point to consider, but it is also important to consider this—who wants a quarterback in his 40s? Yes, he is Tom Brady, arguably the best quarterback ever to play the game. But age eventually catches up with everyone.

Who wants to invest $30+ million in a guy who could implode as Brett Favre did in his final season? He didn’t look great last year, so has the downfall already begun? Or can we blame the lack of talent around him?

Despite the concerns over his age and potential deterioration, a handful of teams have been discussed as potential landing spots. Dallas fans not sold on Dak Prescott wouldn’t mind having him on the roster (but is more likely the Cowboys give into Prescott’s contract demands).

The Chargers have been mentioned, but why ditch one old quarterback (Philip Rivers) for an older one?

Jon Gruden has supposedly not been sold on Derek Carr since he took the Raiders job. Signing a guy like Brady would be a heck of a power move with the Raiders moving to Vegas next season.

Tennessee has been part of the discussion as well. Brady is familiar with the head coach, Mike Vrabel. He would have some reliable young receivers to work with, a beast of a running back in Derek Henry (assuming the Titans resign him), and a good defense.

But are the Titans willing to say goodbye to Ryan Tannehill? Probably not.

The most likely destination is the most obvious one— New England. Brady is not going to go anywhere. All the talk has been generated by writers, bloggers, and TV personalities desperate for something to talk about. Yes, Brady has fueled the speculation with many of his own comments.

But in the end, he just wants the Patriots to show him some love and sign some talent to help him out—and they will.

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