Odds On Who Is Going To Eliminate The Kansas City Chiefs?

Odds On Who Is Going To Eliminate The Kansas City Chiefs?

Everyone and their uncle is going to be betting on who the think will win the Super Bowl in the weeks ahead. Now, many people will be making those wagers with friends and family. But many more will be looking to one of the online sportsbooks to put some money down.

Some will probably pick the Kansas City Chiefs, too. While they could win it, they are not the favorite; that honor belongs to the Baltimore Ravens. But for supporters of the Ravens (and every other team) there is a way to bet on the Chiefs during the post season without betting on them to win it all.

You can bet on when they are going to get knocked out. FanDuel is offering odds on who will send the Chiefs packing this year. Last season’s culprits, the New England Patriots, are out of the mix. So—who will it be?

  • Baltimore Ravens +125
  • Houston Texans +320
  • San Francisco 49ers +800
  • Tennessee Titans +1500
  • Green Bay Packers +1800
  • Seattle Seahawks +3400
  • Minnesota Vikings +4000

The favored Ravens are a good choice, but let’s take a good look at who they will play and who they could play.

If you want to go with the Ravens, then that means the Chiefs are going to beat the Houston Texans this weekend. FanDuel seems to think that will be the case; the Chiefs are ten-point favorites in the game. But it would be foolish to dismiss the Texans too quickly.

They did beat the Chiefs earlier this season and practically controlled the game following the first quarter. With how Deshaun Watson is playing these days, it is hard to imagine anyone taking out the Texans with ease. But with an improved defense like the Chiefs have had in recent weeks, it is quite possible.

As for the Ravens in the AFC Championship game, it could easily go either way. Kansas City did beat them earlier in the year, but it was early in the year. Both teams have improved greatly since then—but it is not hard to imagine the Ravens winning making them a good bet.

But if they get past the Ravens, then it will be whoever wins the NFC. So—who is that going to be? According to FanDuel, the 49ers are favored (-112), followed the Packers (+270), Seahawks (+550), and the Vikings (+600).

San Francisco is the safe bet and has the kind of defense that could give Patrick Mahomes fits. But if the Vikings can get Dalvin Cook on track and Kirk Cousins can forget he is in a big game they could beat the 49ers. Likely? No. Possible? Yes.

They will still have to get past either the Packers or Seahawks. We already know they can hang with the Packers. But would still need to play better to win. Should they face Seattle, it will be a tough one. But a winnable one.

While unlikely, it is possible that the Vikings or Seahawks make the Super Bowl. But so could the 49ers or Packers.

So—who should you bet on?

The safest money is on the Ravens then Texans followed by the 49ers. That being said, it would hurt to put a dollar or two on the Vikings or Seahawks (forget about the Packers).

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