Odds On Who Is Going To Be The Lowest Scoring NFL Team During Wild Card Weekend?

Odds On Who Is Going To Be The Lowest Scoring NFL Team During Wild Card Weekend?

This time of year is exciting for NFL fans. If your favorite team is not postseason bound, you can look to the future and debate who your team should take in the draft. As for the games still left to play, with nothing but the best teams still alive, there should not be any more bad games.

Everyone has talent, and everyone is well-coached. There are no more cupcakes. Well—maybe the Philadelphia Eagles, but they seem to have a knack for playing well when no one expects them to.

So, every game should be good, which will mean many gamblers will be busy figuring out who is going to win and who is going to cover. But for those who want something different, DraftKings has some interesting wagers– like this one for Wild Card weekend:

  • Who is going to be the Lowest Scoring Team?
    • Tennessee Titans +350
    • Buffalo Bills +400
    • Minnesota Vikings +400
    • Philadelphia Eagles +650
    • Houston Texans +700
    • Seattle Seahawks +800
    • New England Patriots +900
    • New Orleans Saints +1400

It is probably safe to eliminate the New Orleans Saints from consideration. They tied for the third highest-scoring offense in the league during the regular season and ended the year scoring 30+ in six of their last seven games.

Their offense is working right now, and it is unlikely the Vikings shut them down this weekend.

A case could probably be made for New England with how they have played this season, overall. But while Mike Vrabel does have a good defense in Tennessee, it is not good enough to believe the Patriots could be the lowest-scoring team this weekend.

The Seahawks offense is hurting for a running game right now, but that could actually lead to more points for the Seahawks. It means they are going to have to rely on Russell Wilson, which means they are going to rely on their passing game. The more they pass, the more they will score.

As for the Texans, their offense is wildly unpredictable, and the Bills have a very good defense. But it is hard to imagine Deshaun Watson not getting the Texans in the endzone this weekend.

That leaves the Titans, Bills, Vikings, and Eagles.

The Eagles are an unlikely candidate but a really good dark horse one. With all the injuries they have suffered on offense, it is not too hard to see them struggling against Seattle’s good (but not great) defense.

Tennessee is the favorite because they are facing the mighty New England Patriots defense, but it is not going to be them. Ryan Tannehill, A.J. Brown, and Derrick Henry are playing too well to get shut down by anyone.

That means it will either be the Bills or Vikings.

Minnesota is playing a tough opponent and will have some health concerns on offense. But it will take Dalvin Cook getting knocked out of the contest and the game suddenly being scheduled in prime time (to mess with Kirk Cousins’ head) for the Vikings to lay an egg.

Buffalo is definitely the safe bet. They averaged fewer points per game in the regular season than every other playoff team, and only scored more than 25 points in a game twice this season. While Houston’s defense looks terrible on paper, they made some additions down the stretch that made the defense better.


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