Odds On Where Is Philip Rivers Going To Play In 2020?

Odds On Where Is Philip Rivers Going To Play In 2020?

In a perfect world, our favorite NFL players will finish their careers with the team they played the bulk of their days with. For Philip Rivers, that would mean staying with the Los Angeles Chargers, but it was evident in his emotional press conference at the end of the season that his days as a Charger are done.

But he says he wants to keep playing. However, some teams will be scared off by his age (38). Others will be scared off by the number of interceptions he threw last season (20). They were not all his fault, of course, yet that number still looks bad.

However, many will be intrigued by a guy who has thrown for 4000+ yards in 11 of the last 12 seasons. They will see a guy who can still play at a high level and has another good year or two left in him. If they think they are just a quarterback away from being a contender, Rivers could be worth acquiring.

His eventual destination is one that has been up for debate as free agency approaches, and something fans can put money on at FOXBET.com:

  • Philip Rivers’ Team For Week 1 Of The 2020 NFL Regular Season
    • Indianapolis Colts -150
    • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +275
    • No Team/Retired +350
    • Las Vegas Raiders       +700
    • Tennessee Titans +900
    • Chicago Bears +1100
    • Carolina Panthers +1300
    • Miami Dolphins +1600
    • New England Patriots +3000

So—where is he going to go?

It is probably safe to cross out New England. If the Patriots are going to sign an old quarterback, they are more likely to stick with Tom Brady instead. Miami is probably out, too. Chances are they stick with Ryan Fitzpatrick another year while Tua Tagoviola heals up. That way, they can have another top-ten draft pick next year.

Carolina is probably out, too. The Panthers recently through their support behind Cam Newton. Should they go in another direction, it is more likely that they go with someone much younger.

That leaves the Colts, Buccaneers, Raiders, Titans, Bears, and retirement.

According to the rumor mill, the Bears are interested in bringing in a vet to push Mitchel Trubisky. But it is hard to imagine Rivers going somewhere he may not start. The Raiders would be an interesting choice as well with Derek Carr still on the roster. While Jon Gruden does not seem to be a big fan of Carr, he is more likely to go young than bring in a guy solely for right now.

The rumor mill has the Titans more interested in Tom Brady than Rivers. But if Tennessee is not going to hang onto Ryan Tannehill or get Brady, Rivers would be a good fit. The Titans have a strong running game, a good offensive line, and some excellent young receivers.

Tampa Bay could be an option, but an unlikely one. So far, the team appears to be good with Jameis Winston, but there has been no real indication that they are going to resign him. They aren’t exactly a team that is a QB away from being a contender, either.

But the Colts are. They have a great offensive line, a good running back, a solid defense, and can get Rivers a wide receiver to pair with TY. Hilton in the draft.

Retirement is, of course, a real possibility. Rivers has been one of those guys who has always wanted to have his family close, and they just moved to Florida. Does he really want to uproot the whole clan again for a move to Indianapolis?

So—how should you bet? The Colts seem like the most likely choice, but it wouldn’t be shocking if he were to announce his retirement in the weeks ahead, either.

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