Odds On When Will The Philadelphia Eagles Lose Their First Game?

Odds On When Will The Philadelphia Eagles Lose Their First Game?

The Philadelphia Eagles are one of those teams people have high expectations for. They don’t have Nick Foles to fall back on anymore if Carson Went goes down again. But the offense is stacked and ready to make a run. Wentz has one of the better offensive lines in the league protecting him, a talented group of players at the skill positions, and good defense.

There is no reason that this Eagles team can’t win a lot of games. They are that good on paper and looked that goof in the second half last week against Washington—which brings one question to mind:

When are they going to lose their first game? It is bound to happen and sure looked like it was going to last week as the Redskins opened up a 17-0 lead a few minutes into the second quarter. But Wentz was able to get the offense on track, and the defense was able to shut Case Keenum down in the second half to steal the win.

So, while they were able to escape the Redskins in Week One, will they be able to take down the Falcons in Atlanta? Will the Lions pull off the upset the following week? Or will the Packers score the first victory over the Eagles this season?

According to FanDuel, the odds on when the Eagles will suffer their first loss are as follows:

  • Week 2 (at Falcons) +105
  • Week 3 (vs. Lions) +550
  • Week 4 (at Packers)             +340
  • Week 5 (vs. Jets) +1300
  • Week 6 (at Vikings) +1000
  • Week 7 (at Cowboys) +2300
  • Week 8 (at Bills) +7500
  • Week 9 (vs. Bears)      +10000
  • Week 11 (vs. Patriots) +10000
  • Week 12 (vs. Seahawks) +25000
  • Week 13 (at Dolphins) +25000
  • Week 14 (vs. Giants) +25000
  • Week 15 (at Redskins) +25000
  • Week 16 (vs. Cowboys) +25000
  • Week 17 (at Giants) +25000
  • Undefeated +25000

The oddsmakers seem convinced that it will come sometime in the next three weeks. That is why the odds are as short as they are against the Falcons, Lions, and Packers. So—who is it going to be?

Atlanta did not look good on offense in Week One. While the Vikings defense deserves some of the credit for that, Matt Ryan did not have a good day. Defensively, they gave up too many points (28), but they were stingy with the yards (269 total yards).

Philadelphia should beat the Lions and will likely be favored in the game by as much as a touchdown. However, with how Stafford was slinging the ball around in Week One (385 yards, three touchdowns) and how Case Keenum did against the Eagles, an upset is possible.

As for the Packers, with the way they played defense in their season opener, they could beat the Eagles—even if Aaron Rodgers doesn’t get the offense on track by then. But if he doesn’t, the Eagles will have an excellent chance of winning this one.

So—when will it happen? When will the Eagles lose their first game? The easy answer is Week Four against the Packers. The Falcons have some issues, and the Lions aren’t a good team. But the Packers defense will be tough to beat. At the same time, the Eagles defense will likely have its hands full against a Rodgers-led Packers offense.

Put a little down on Week Four but don’t be shocked if they don’t lose until Week Seven against Dallas. Consider that your dark horse option.

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