Odds On When Will The New York Giants Win Their First Game?

Odds On When Will The New York Giants Win Their First Game?

Like their cross-town rivals, the New York Jets, the New York Giants did not have high expectations for the 2020 NFL season. With a new head coach in Joe Judge and a quarterback going into just his second year, just seeing improvement was a realistic expectation. But with Saquon Barkley out for the year, even that may be asking too much.

When injuries hit, all a team can do is take things one day at a time. For the Giants, that means focusing on every team’s first goal for a new season—win game No. 1. FanDuel’s oddsmakers seem to think it is going to come this week against the San Francisco 49ers:

  • Week 3 (vs. San Francisco 49ers) +160
  • Week 4 (at Los Angeles Rams) +260
  • Week 5 (at Dallas Cowboys) +600
  • Week 6 (vs. Washington) +380
  • Week 7 (at Philadelphia Eagles)          +1300
  • Week 8 (vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers) +1300
  • Week 9 (at Washington) +1200
  • Week 10 (vs. Philadelphia Eagles) +3200
  • Week 12 (at Cincinnati Bengals) +2900.
  • Week 13 (at Seattle Seahawks)               +9000
  • Week 14 (vs. Arizona Cardinals) +6000
  • Week 15 (vs. Cleveland Browns) +12000
  • Week 16 (at Baltimore Ravens) +15000
  • Week 17 (vs. Dallas Cowboys) +18000

While the odds are not bad for this week’s game against the 49ers, San Francisco is still favored by 3.5. They really shouldn’t have too much trouble against the Giants despite all of the injuries they have suffered the first two weeks.

The odds on the Rams game must be as low as they are because it’s Week Four. But there is no reason the Giants should even come close to beating the Rams (who are favored by ten). Los Angeles is playing well, and the Giants—well, they are not.

They have a chance against Dallas, but only if they bring their ‘a’ game and the Cowboys self-destruct like they are prone to do. But it may be more likely that they get Win No. 1 against the Washington Redskins in Week Six.

Washington, like the Giants, is just looking to get better this season. So far, the defense is looking better, but the offense could use some work. But if the Giants cannot get their first against Washington, they should have a great chance against the Eagles in Week Seven.

Of course, if Carson Went can get out of his head by then and remember he’s a good quarterback, the Giants could be in trouble.

Tom Brady will have the kinks worked in Tampa Bay by then. In Week 12, Cincinnati will be a real possibility, as will the Browns in Week 15. But that late in the season, you would expect them to have at least one win already.

The only reason it could come against the Ravens in Week 16 or the Cowboy the following week is if either has already secured their playoff spot and don’t need to win.

So—which week should you bet on?

It will be either Week Six against Washington, the following week against the Eagles, or Weeks nine and ten when they face Washington and Philadelphia again.  If you have no faith at all in the Giants, go with the Bengals in Week 12.

The odds are long for that game because it is so late in the season. But if they go that long without a win, it will likely come in Week 12 or not at all.

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