Odds On When (or will) The Cincinnati Bengals Win A Game?

Odds On When (or will) The Cincinnati Bengals Win A Game?

It has not been a good year for the Cincinnati Bengals. After letting their longtime head coach go, fans had to know the team would struggle this year. But struggle so much they might actually go winless on the year? That notion likely never entered anyone’s mind as the season approached. However, it is now Week 11, and they have yet to win a game.

There are not too many chances left just to get their first win. With each passing week, it is looking more and more like they may become the third team in NFL history to have a winless season. They may get lucky, of course, and catch someone on a bad day. But it isn’t looking good.

However, for those who think the Bengals may have a shot at winning a game, Bovada.lv is offering odds on when:

  • When Will The Cincinnati Bengals Win Their First Game Of The Season?
    • Week 11 (@ Oakland) +350
    • Week 12 (vs. Pittsburgh) +600
    • Week 13 (vs. New York Jets) +280
    • Week 14 (@ Cleveland) +500
    • Week 15 (vs. New England) +2500
    • Week 16 (@Miami) +333
    • Week 17 (vs. Cleveland) +600
    • 0-16 Regular Season +400

As bad as they have played this season, of the games left on their schedule, they have some winnable contests. Week 15 against the New England Patriots certainly isn’t one of them. It would take a monumentally bad day for Tom Brady and company to lose to the Bengals.

With how Oakland has been playing in recent weeks, it is difficult to see the Bengals getting a win over the Raiders this week (the Raiders are favored by 11.5 points).

That leaves the Steelers, Jets, Dolphins, and two shots at the Browns.

Cleveland is going to be gunning for a playoff spot, so it is unlikely that they are going to let up anytime soon. Since Baker Mayfield appears to be taking care of the football now, it is doubtful he will give the Bengals defense the help it would need.

With all the injuries that have befallen the Steelers and the loss of one of their best offensive linemen, they may have a hard time beating the Bengals next week. If Mason Rudolph can clean his game up, the Steelers should be able to beat them. But, unless James Conner is back and can take a lot of pressure off Rudolph, he could struggle again.

In theory, the Jets are the better team between the two. But with how Sam Darnold has been playing lately, that may not be the case right now. Ever since he ‘saw ghosts’ a few weeks ago, he can’t seem to shake them. As a result, his game has suffered.

As for Miami, the Bengals may have a shot there, too. But the Dolphins defense has been playing better lately. So, maybe not.

So—how should you bet?

Going winless appears to be the most likely option right now. But with all the Steelers injuries and Mason Rudolph’s game, the Bengals could have a shot against Pittsburgh. Otherwise, the only legitimate possibility is the Jets.

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