Odds On What Will Rob Gronkowski Do Next

Odds On What Will Rob Gronkowski Do Next

Fans of the New England Patriots got some news earlier in the week that they were not looking forward to hearing. But it seems that after playing in five Super Bowls (winning three) and too many injuries, tight end Rob Gronkowski decided to call it a day.

The big guy fans lovingly know simply as “Gronk” decided to retire.

While it is not good news for the Patriots, the team still has the two most essential pieces to success in place, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Going forward, it will be up to Belichick and the Patriots to figure out how to surround Brady with the pieces he needs to win games.

But fans of the Patriots and probably even most of the haters already know that it will probably happen. Somehow, someway the Patriots will acquire the right personnel and the team will be in contention for another Super Bowl title.

What no one does know, however, is what Rob Gronkowski is going to do next. But BetOnline.ag has offered odds on what that may be:

  • Play in the XFL +3300
  • Play in the AAF +3300
  • Play in the CFL +5000
  • NFL Commentator +300
  • Fight in the WWE -125
  • Actor +400
  • Host a Podcast +500
  • Male Stripper +5000
  • Play in the NFL +1200

The top three can easily be ruled out. If he doesn’t want to play football for the NFL anymore, why would he consider playing for peanuts (by comparison) in either of the other leagues? He would be a great draw for them if they could sign him.

If he wanted to play again, either of them would love to have him. But if he gets the itch, he is just going to go back to the NFL.

Male stripper? Yeah, he likes to dance and isn’t too fond of wearing shirts when he does, but a male stripper? Maybe in Magic Mike III but not in reality.

That leaves joining the WWE, hosting a podcast, NFL commentator, acting, or returning to the NFL. It isn’t hard imaging him doing any of them.

His agent referred to broadcasting as one of the options outside of football Gronk could be weighing. As far as we know, no one has made him an offer. But ESPN does need someone for the Monday Night Football booth. Will he be good at it? Who knows—but everyone will tune in to see how he does.

A podcast would be easy for him to do, but if he were to do something like that it, his own YouTube channel would make more sense.

There have been rumors about a potential acting career for a couple of years. He has had some small roles in a few things with mixed reviews. If they start him out with something not too demanding, he could become a decent actor eventually. He wouldn’t be the first athlete (or football player) to make the transition.

The most likely options, however, would be joining the WWE or returning to the NFL. He is certainly athletic enough to wrestle and definitely has the personality for it. Wrestling doesn’t require a lot of acting ability, just a little. It would not be hard imagining him as some kind of party boy personality that slams kegs down on his opponents after he beats them.

But with him being just 29, if he feels healthy enough come October, and Tom Brady gives him a call…It would be more shocking if he didn’t return.

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