The New England Patriots are a lot like Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory. They are brilliant and very good at what they do, but at the same time, they can be so stupid it is infuriating. How so? How else can you describe a team that has been busting for illegally filming another team going to a stadium just a few years later and filming another team’s sideline?

In case you haven’t heard, a film crew for the Patriots was caught filming the sideline during the Bengals-Browns game last week. They were said to have been properly credentialed, but then why would they offer to erase what they had recorded when questioned if they did nothing wrong?

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It, of course, doesn’t help that in a 2015 report by ESPN, details were shared on how the scouts involved in Spygate were instructed to say they were with the media and try to claim they were something relevant—just like this crew.

They claimed they were filming for a show the Patriots organization produce called “Do Your Job.”

As could be expected, Bill Belichick vehemently denied knowingly doing anything wrong and said the football side of the organization was innocent. But what do we expect him to say? The organization has since admitted to screwing up and not properly informing officials in Cleveland last week what the crew was going to be doing.

If they were trying to do something nefarious, then why do it right out in the open? Why not try to be low key? Well, sometimes the best hiding spot is right out in the open. Besides, if you have a great cover story, you don’t need to hide.

So, in a sense, this looks really bad for the Patriots. But, then again, from reports, it also looks like the Patriots could be innocent in this whole mess. Just to make it a little more interesting, is giving fans a chance to bet on whether the Patriots are going to get in trouble:

  • Will The Patriots Face Sanctions For Alleged Filming Of Bengals Sideline
    • Yes     -240
    • No +165

So—how should you bet?

Allegations of cheating are serious. This is especially true when the team in question has done it before. But it was against the Bengals; they don’t need to cheat to destroy the Bengals. They didn’t need to cheat to beat the Jets back when they filmed them, either.

From all accounts, it sounds like the film was pretty vanilla, nothing that could not be seen from watching the game on television or from a coach’s tape. That kind of makes it sound like maybe they do not deserve any punishment, right?

Maybe, but Roger Goodell has said the league is not going to jump to any conclusions—which kind of moves the needle on this back to anyone’s guess.

With the Patriots history and the fact that they did do something wrong and have admitted it, they will likely get some kind of sanction. It will probably be something minor unless evidence of something dirty is discovered because, of all teams, the Patriots should know better.

Some sanction is deserved just for being so dumb. Take the ‘Yes.’