Odds On The Miami Dolphins Going Winless

Odds On The Miami Dolphins Going Winless

There have only been two teams in the history of the NFL that have had the dubious distinction of going winless for an entire season. But with how well the Miami Dolphins appear to be tanking this season, many expect there to be a third winless team this season. Many sportsbooks have been offering odds on the possibility.

However, now that they have changed quarterbacks is it a good bet?

Following Sunday’s loss to the Los Angeles Chargers, FanDuel has the odds of the Dolphins going winless at +380 and for them winning at least one game at -600. That translates into an 85.7 percent chance they win at least one and a 20.8 percent chance that they do not.

Does that mean you shouldn’t go for the better payout and take the ‘yes?’

If you are a conservative gambler, the answer is yes. But, then again, no matter how bad a team appears to be until a team is 0-15, the odds are not going to favor going winless. For those that are not conservative gamblers, it is one worth thinking about.

With Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm of the offense, it was definitely hard to see the Dolphins winning a game. The Fitz-magic that dazzled fans in Tampa Bay last season just didn’t materialize. So, after two dreadful games, the team went with Josh Rosen.

Considering how Rosen played for the Cardinals last season, there wasn’t much of a reason to think the offense was going to be any better under him—but it has been. Against the Cowboys, they almost generated 300 total yards of offense; they failed to surpass 200 total yards in their first two games.

Against the Chargers, their total yardage dropped down to 233 yards, but they did score a touchdown and field goal.

So—based off the marginal improvements in the offense with Rosen, are the Dolphins going to win a game?

They might actually have an honest shot to win a game next week with the Washington Redskins coming to town.   The Redskins will likely be favored, but with the struggles they have had the last couple weeks, they might not be. If they are, it will not be by much.

Case Keenum started the season throwing the ball well but has since had a really hard time getting his offense on track. Despite giving him a vote of confidence the week before, head coach Jay Gruden benched him during Week Four. It is not clear who is going to start this week against the Patriots, yet.

But with how Haskins looked in his one half of play Sunday, he may not provide much of a fight either.

After living through the last four weeks, it is almost hard to imagine the Miami Dolphins winning a game. But against the Redskins, they are facing a team struggling nearly as much as them.

Miami is on a bye this week and will then face the Redskins in Week Six. Hold off on taking either end of the ‘winless’ wager until after this game. If the possibility is still alive following the end of the Miami game, bet on the Dolphins going winless.

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