Odds On The Kansas City Chiefs Going Undefeated 16-0!

Odds On The Kansas City Chiefs Going Undefeated 16-0!

The Kansas City Chiefs are off to a hot start this season. Four games in, they are undefeated. Patrick Mahomes has thrown for 300+ yards passing every week, and their defense has been good enough. With how well Mahomes is playing,  a particular question regarding the Chiefs and their season has come up.

Could they do it? Could they record just the second perfect season in NFL history and go 19-0? Could they become the third team to ever go undefeated in the regular season (and go 16-0)?

For those that think the answer is yes, FanDuel Sportsbook in New Jersey is offering odds:

  • Kansas City Chiefs 16-0 regular season +1000
  • Kansas City Chiefs 19-0 regular season +1500

With the Detroit Lions barely pulling out a victory over the Chiefs last week, it would seem like the obvious answer to both would be no, the Chiefs are not going to go undefeated. But while the near-loss is discouraging, you could also good teams find a way to win when they don’t play their best—and they did.

So, the Lions gave the Chiefs a run for their money but couldn’t finish them off. Who can?

They have the Colts on deck, followed by the Texans and Broncos. Indianapolis will give them a good challenge, but the Colts aren’t in the same league as the Chiefs. As for Houston—no, the Texans may keep it interesting for a half, but they don’t have the defense to slow the Chiefs down nor the offense to keep up. The same goes for the Broncos.

Green Bay could have a shot. Their defense has played well at times this year, but the offense has struggled for most of it. But if Aaron Rodgers and the offense have a good day, they could beat the Chiefs (but don’t bet on it).

Minnesota is struggling to find some identity on offense; if they find it, they might be tough. But the Chiefs are the better team. Tennessee is too inconsistent on both sides of the ball (especially on offense), but the Chargers could give them a real fight in Week 11.

But the real test will come following the bye week. Not against the Raiders in Week 13, but the Patriots in Week 14. Otherwise, they should sweep the competition the rest of the way (Broncos, Bears, and Chargers).

Of course, if anyone catches the Chiefs on an off day, they could score the upset. Mahomes will need to be on his game for both contests against the Chargers (especially if the Chargers are still fighting for a wild card spot). But, otherwise, there are only two games that fans should worry about—Green Bay (Week Eight) and New England (Week 14).

They will be favored against Green Bay and should win, but the Patriots will likely be favored in that game.

So, how should you bet?

To go 19-0 they have to go 16-0 first, so if you take one, you might as well go for both. A $100 bet on a two-leg parlay at +1000 and +1500 will win you $17,500. Tack on winning the conference (+220) and winning the Super Bowl (+500), and we are talking about a four-leg parlay that can win you over $365,000 while risking just $100.

Take it (but keep your wager relatively small).


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