Odds On New York Jets or New York Giants Going Winless This Season

Odds On New York Jets or New York Giants Going Winless This Season

No one thought the New York Jets or New York Giants would amount to much this season. Fans, at most, were hoping to see their team get better. They certainly didn’t expect to factor into their division races, their conference picture, or the Super Bowl.

With a new head coach and Daniel Jones heading into his second season, that was not asking too much from the Giants. For the Jets, with a healthy Sam Darnold going into his second year, the same could be said for him and the Jets.

But heading into Week Four, both New York teams are winless, and their prospects for getting Win No. 1 are not promising.

Injuries have had a significant impact on the Giants, but the Jets appear to be an accident waiting to happen from top to bottom. This reality has led to PointsBet.com posting the following prop bet:

Odds On Team to Go 0-16 In The Regular Season

    • New York Jets         +1800
    • New York Giants     +1800

As bad as both teams have looked so far this season, winless seasons have been rare in the NFL. There have only been five in the history of the league, two of which came in the modern era (2008 Detroit Lions and 2017 Cleveland Browns).

Because of those two, fans have begun to wonder when or if another winless season will happen each year. There are still eight winless teams in the NFL, the Falcons, Vikings, Giants, Eagles, Broncos, Texans, and Jets.

Atlanta is bound to outscore someone by so much they can’t give the lead in one quarter. The Vikings and Texans play this weekend, so one will have to win (Houston will have other chances). Denver and Cincinnati have not been playing poorly, just not good enough to beat their opponents.

Philadelphia has been surprisingly bad, but they are bound to get it together. But it is hard to say if the Jets or Giants have someone they can beat.

The Giants were not terrible against the Steelers or Bears, but after losing Saquon Barkley, things are not looking good for them. They went with a running back by committee against the injury-riddled 49ers last week but were blown out.

Washington will be there best bet in a couple of weeks, but if Dwayne Haskins gets benched for Alex Smith, that may not be the case. The Bengals may be their best shot after them. If worse comes to worst, if the Cowboys have a playoff spot locked up heading into Week 17, they will start no one.

Of course, there is always the possibility someone struggles one week when Daniel Jones shines.

As for the Jets, the situation is much bleaker. Instead of taking a step forward this season, they seem to have taken three steps back. According to the rumor mill, practices are a disaster, and it doesn’t sound like anyone respects the coaching staff—especially head coach Adam Gase.

With the rumors and how they have played, it is not hard to believe they have been unprepared each week and will continue to be unprepared.

So—how should you bet?

Of the two, the Jets are more likely to go winless than the Giants. But they do face the Broncos, who will be starting their third quarterback this week on Thursday night. The Broncos are favored, but this might be the best chance they have.

Go ahead and take the Jets, but don’t bet the farm.

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