Odds On How Many Wins Will the Dallas Cowboys Have This Season

Odds On How Many Wins Will the Dallas Cowboys Have This Season

Fans of the Dallas Cowboys are going to be interested in a lot more than wins this season. They want a Super Bowl title. But any trip to the Big Game is going to have to start with one thing—winning.

While fans know the team is capable, they don’t know if the team will get it together and win enough. They will likely need to win at least nine to make it into the playoffs, but ten would undoubtedly be better.

Oddsmakers at BetMGM.com seem to think they are going to get at least ten:

2020 Dallas Cowboys regular-season wins

  • Over 9.5 -176
  • Under +145

Those odds translate into a 63.77 percent chance of winning at least ten games and a 40.82 percent chance they win nine or fewer. But can they do it? Can they cover the over?

Of course, they can. The offense should be better than ever this year, and with the weapons they have, the possibilities are endless. Now, the problem may be whether they can stop anyone. They were okay on defense last year but lost a few people. If no one steps up to fill the void, they could be in trouble.

That is where Mike McCarthy will come in. If the Cowboys could go 8-8 under Jason Garrett, McCarthy should be able to get at least two more wins. However, the question doesn’t have to end with just whether they cover the over.

Exactly how many wins will the Cowboys tally this season? Will it be ten? Could they get 13+ even? What if you are not confident whether they will cover the over on their win total? You have options:

Dallas Cowboy Exact Season Wins — Bands

  • 0-4 Wins +12500
  • 5-8 Wins +245
  • 9-12 Wins -278
  • 13-16 Wins +1100

For those that really want a challenge:

Exact Outcoume Odds 2020 Dallas Cowboy Regular Season Wins:

  • No wins +5000000
  • Exactly one win +1000000
  • Exactly 2 wins +500000
  • Exactly 3 wins +100000
  • Exactly 4 wins +20000
  • Exactly 5 wins +5000
  • Exactly 6 wins +1800
  • Exactly 7 wins +800
  • Exactly 8 wins +425
  • Exactly 9 wins +300
  • Exactly 10 wins +270
  • Exactly 11 wins +340
  • Exactly 12 wins +575
  • Exactly 13 wins +1200
  • Exactly 14 wins +4000
  • Exactly 15 wins +20000
  • Exactly 16 wins +150000

So—how should you bet?

From the odds, the oddsmakers seem to think the Cowboys could realistically win anywhere from seven to 12 games, likely somewhere between 8-11.

With a new, veteran head coach at the helm, it is reasonable to assume the Cowboys will be better focused than they were last year under Garrett. Without much of an offseason program, the progress may be slow at first. But the team will come around.

Due to that lag, it is reasonable to think McCarthy could make enough progress this year to win at least as many as the Cowboys won last season, and possibly two more.

The Cowboys are too talented to have a losing record next season, so take the ‘9-12’ option. It isn’t much of a payout, but it is the most likely option. This way, if you are not sure if they will cover the over on their win total, you cover your bases.

As for their exact win total, ten wins is the most likely number. It is possible they win 11 and maybe even 12, but their defense is questionable.

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