Any concerns that the Chiefs had over trading up for Patrick Mahomes were put to rest last season when he threw 50 touchdown passes and for more than 5000+ yards.  However, as great as he was, the team is not out of the woods with him just yet.

As is common practice, EA Sports selects one star (typically) from the previous season to be the cover athlete for the next version of the Madden football game. But, as luck would have it, that star often has a bad year or misses time due to an injury.

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Since this has happened often, fans have equated a star being on the cover of the popular game as being ‘cursed.’

This year’s cover boy is Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.

Getting the chance to be on the cover of one of the most popular video games on the market is something no player will ever pass up. Besides—curses aren’t real (right?). But if you do believe in it, then has the wager for you:

  • Will Patrick Mahomes miss a full game(s) due to injury?

o    Yes     +150

o    No      -200

The Madden Curse has not always resulted in an injury. It is often just a reduction in stats a player produces that season (in some cases, longer). But the oddsmakers likely decided to make the wager specific to injuries because whether a reduction in stats would qualify as being ‘cursed’ could be subjective.

But with injuries, you either are and you miss time, or you are not and play every game. There is no wiggle room.

So—is the curse real? Logically speaking, the answer to that has to be no. But there is evidence to the contrary that defies logic. The first suspected victim of the curse was former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Dante Culpeper.

Culpeper was named to the cover of the 2002 version in 2001. He went on to miss five games due to a knee injury and struggled in the 11 that he did play in. But he is just one of many. Marshall Faulk had run for 1300+ yards the three seasons prior to his cover (Madden 2003). He never cleared the 1000-yard mark again. The following year’s cover athlete, Michael Vick, went down with a broken leg in the preseason.

Other injury-related victims included Donovan McNabb, Troy Polamalu, Peyton Hillis, and Rob Gronkowski. But there are several more ‘victims’ of the curse that were not injured the season their face appeared on the cover.

However, the question in the wager specifies injury. So—how should you bet?

Mahomes has a pretty decent offensive line in Kansas City. He was one of the least sacked quarterbacks in the league last season (26), but he was hit quite a bit (106). His elusiveness and running ability likely led to his sack total being low but also to his hit total being high.

Now that his game is no longer an unknown, defenses will be better prepared for him. Does that mean he will get hurt? Of course not. It just means he may not find it as easy to work his magic. As long as that doesn’t frustrate him and lead to him taking any unnecessary chances, he will be fine.

Don’t be morbid. Put your money on ‘No.’