Nick Foles Make The Jaguars Legitimate Super Bowl Contenders Again?

Nick Foles Make The Jaguars Legitimate Super Bowl Contenders Again?

Blake Bortles played well enough during the Jaguars 2017 season to trick the front office into keeping him around.  Sadly, he reverted to the form fans had grown to know all too well during his brief tenure—he was terrible.

He didn’t get the help he needed out of the run game, but with the stable of receivers the Jaguars have, he should have been able to do more. Rather than give him another chance, the team decided to go after someone that can make things happen without good running back play—Nick Foles.

Foles has proven himself to be quite capable the last couple of seasons with the Eagles. As good as the Eagles were in the run to the Super Bowl in 2017, his play last year was even more impressive.

This time, he wasn’t taking over a team that was running like a well-oiled machine. The Eagles offense had been struggling all season with Carson Wentz under center. But once he took over, it was like the team went through a miraculous transformation and became playoff-worthy.

Several teams have probably wished they had a quarterback that could impact the team in such a fashion. Thanks to a four-year, $88 million contract (with $5.125 million guaranteed) the Jaguars now have their man.

But the question on the minds of fans everywhere is how much Nick Foles will be able to do for the Jags in 2019? Will he have success similar to what he had with the Eagles? Can he be good for an entire season? Will he be good enough?

On a personal level, is offering odds on how Foles will produce in 2019 for the Jags:

  • Interceptions: over/under 12.5
  • Passing yards: over/under 3500.5
  • Touchdown passes: over/under 21.5

Offensive coordinator John DeFilippo’s familiarity with Foles from their days with the Eagles should help get the offense running smoothly sooner rather than later. But judging just from the history Foles has had and the Jags tendencies it is probably safe to go with the under on the interceptions, over with touchdowns, and under with passing yards (although this one could be close).

The Jags do have a talented group of receivers They just haven’t had a quarterback that could be counted on to get them the ball. If the running backs can stay healthy, their run game should be tough once again as well.

But will they run a lot to help set up the pass as they did for Blake Bortles in 2017? Or will it be more balanced?

What about the Super Bowl?

The defense has lost a couple of players, but it should still be one of the better units in football (like it was last year). Foles will definitely give the Jaguars a vastly improved passing game. The only real question is what kind of run game they are going to end up having. Fournette’s health can’t be trusted. Then again, Foles didn’t get much help from the Eagles run game in 2017 or last year.

The addition of Foles saw their odds improve to +3300. That means they are still a bit of a long shot. Their odds were +10000 heading into 2017 with Blake Bortles at the helm and improved to +800 by the conference championship—so it is not impossible, but it all depends on how they try to use Foles.

If they can unleash the guy that took the Eagles to the Super Bowl and made them relevant last year—look out NFL, these Jags are going to be tough to beat.

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