NFL Wildcard Betting: Which Wild Card Weekend Parlay You Should Consider

NFL Wildcard Betting: Which Wild Card Weekend Parlay You Should Consider

People bet for two different reasons. Some just want to do something to show they support a particular team, but for most, it is about winning money and proving that we are smarter than our friends. Placing bets on games during Wild Card weekend is a great way to do just that.

What if we could prove we are brilliant and win more money all in one fell swoop? The parlays that is offering on their ‘NFL Booster Odds’ page are a great way to do just that.

  • Texans, Patriots, Saints, and Seahawks To Win +460
  • Texans, Patriots, Saints, and Eagles To Win +560
  • Bills, Titans, Vikings, and Eagles To Win +5800
  • Patriots and Eagles To Win +220

But which one should you take? Winning more money is better, of course. However, shooting for the biggest payout means taking more risks with picking winners and possibly losing.  You have to find a balance between acceptable risk and reward.

The Texans, Patriots, Saints, and Seahawks are all favored to win. But the Seahawks (-1.5) and Texans (-2.5) are not big favorites. The Patriots are only a five-point favorite, but the Saints are favored by more than a touchdown (-8).

Betting on all the underdogs to win (the third option) would certainly make for a fantastic payout. There are realistic scenarios where all four underdogs win—but it is unlikely to happen. Last year was the closest the underdogs have come in over a decade to sweeping the wild card round (they went 1-3).

Underdogs tend to cover the spread more often than not (56 percent dating back to 2007). But the favorites seem to win much of the time (60 percent).

Going with all of the favorites would not be a bad option or a terrible payout at +460. But favorites have only swept the weekend twice since 2007. Each team could very well win, but history tells us that at least one underdog is going to win.

The Eagles are a believable underdog. While they have a host of injury issues, the Eagles have found ways to win in recent weeks. True, the competition they were facing was terrible. But with injuries they have had to deal with, the wins were still impressive.

This weekend, they happen to be facing a team with some serious injury issues of their own, the Seattle Seahawks. If they can get their own offense going while keeping Russell Wilson from getting on track too early, they could definitely win this game.

But will the Texans, Patriots, and Saints do their part? It is not hard to see the Saints holding up their end, but the Texans and Patriots could go either way.

So—which one should you take?

Honestly, none of them. If you want to take one, go for all the underdogs to win and the massive payout. But it may be better to make your own parlay and go with the Titans, Texans, Saints, and Seahawks to win ($100 bet will win you $964.97).

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