NFL Quarterback vs. Quarterback Touchdown Props & Betting Odds

NFL Quarterback vs. Quarterback Touchdown Props & Betting Odds

Diehard NFL fans are a proud people. They cheer hard, love their team to death, and will defend it with their last breath. Not sure who the diehards are? Ask them who they want to take in one of the quarterback vs. quarterback bets is offering.

True diehards will not hesitate to throw money down on their favorite team/quarterback. But most people are going to analyze the matchup before putting their money at risk. Some of them could be too close to call:

Who has more touchdown passes Tom Brady vs. New England Patriots

  • Tom Brady to Throw More Touchdown Passes Than the Patriots QB’s (Boosted From -500) -400

The question you have to ask yourself here is whether Tom Brady is wash-upped like some tried to claim last season. If the answer is yes, then chances are he will not be able to take advantage of the most talented group of receivers he has ever had.

But if the answer is no, then you must decide between two scenarios. Will Brady have more touchdown passes with Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and Rob Gronkowski to throw to? Or will Jarrett Stidham (and whoever else the Patriots start at QB) will throwing to a largely talent-free collection of receivers have more?

The answer here is as simple as it is going to get—Brady wins this one with ease.

Who has more touchdown passes Nick Foles or Carson Wentz

  • Nick Foles to Throw More Touchdown Passes Than Carson Wentz (Boosted From +170) +185

This one is a little tougher to call, but not because both QBs are that good. No, the issue here is that Foles is far from a lock to start at any point in the season. As for Wentz, he is an injury risk, but his receivers are even more worrisome. They drop too many balls.

If you could trust that both would be playing 16 games, Foles would have a slight edge. But since the Bears will probably at least start the regular season with Mitchell Trubisky at QB, Foles may not be able to catch up.

For that reason alone, this one is an easy decision as well—Foles is not going to win this one.

Who has more touchdown passes Philips Rivers or Tom Brady

  • Philip Rivers to Throw More Touchdown Passes Than Tom Brady (Boosted From+140) +155

Both guys are icons playing on new teams this season. But which one will acclimate to his new team and become more productive faster? Probably Brady.

Brady is the better QB between the two and has a much better group of receivers to work with. Rivers will have a better offensive line and run game, but that means the Colts offense is more likely to emphasize the run game.

Don’t expect Rivers to have bigger numbers than Brady.

Who has more touchdown passes Joe Burrow vs Baker Mayfield

  • Joe Burrow to Throw More Touchdown Passes Than Baker Mayfield (Boosted from +150) +165

Two years ago, Baker Mayfield looked like the next great QB to hit the NFL. But then last year, he redefined the concept of the sophomore slump. While Burrow lit of the scoreboards last year in college, NFL secondaries and pass rushes are not going to be as nice.

So, will Burrow beat out Mayfield? Mayfield has more weapons, but that didn’t matter last season. AJ Green and Tee Higgins could put Burrow over the top—but don’t expect a blowout. Take Burrow to win this one.



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