NFL Odds: Who Is Going To Eliminate Green Bay—Or Will They Win It All?

NFL Odds: Who Is Going To Eliminate Green Bay—Or Will They Win It All?

Changing head coaches can always be a tricky thing, but it seems to have worked well for the Green Bay Packers this season. The offense may not be as reliant on Aaron Rodgers as years past, but when it clicks under Matt LaFleur’s system, it works.

Obviously, since they won the division, 13 games during the regular season, and had a bye in the first round. It’s their first division title since the 2016 season when they also had a bye and made it to the conference championship game.

They missed the playoffs the last two seasons. So—what’s the ceiling for these guys? Can they win it all? If not, then who is going to beat them.

Their Super Bowl odds at FanDuel (+750) are not bad, but they are also the fourth-best behind the Ravens (+120), 49ers (+320), and Chiefs (+340). They aren’t even the favorites to win the NFC. That honor belongs to the 49ers (-112; Green Bay’s conference title odds are +270).

So, it sounds like there is a good chance they don’t make it to the end. In that case, FanDuel has odds on who will eliminate them:

  • Seattle Seahawks +160
  • San Francisco 49ers +195
  • Green Bay Packers to win all playoff games +700
  • Baltimore Ravens +800
  • Minnesota Vikings +850
  • Kansas City Chiefs +1200
  • Houston Texans +9500
  • Tennessee Titans +10000

The payout would be nice if it were the Titans or Texans, but that would mean they would have to beat the Packers in the Super Bowl. While they could beat Green Bay, the chances they will make it there are slim. For Minnesota to do it, they would have to get past the 49ers this weekend—which they are not expected to do.

That leaves the Ravens, Chiefs, 49ers, and Seahawks. So—how should you bet?

The odds are the lowest for the Seahawks and 49ers for obvious reasons—the Packers play Seattle this weekend and will face the 49ers (assuming they beat the Vikings) next weekend. That is, assuming they can beat the Seahawks this weekend.

While they are favored to beat the Seahawks this weekend, Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll have a knack for pulling out wins when the odds are against them. So, it would not be shocking if Seattle were to win this weekend—which makes betting on the 49ers a moot point.

Of course, they could make it past Seattle making the 49ers than a reasonable wager. But with the ods on both being what they are, the payout is not really worth the risk.

So, if you want to take this wager and make some money doing so, split what you are willing to wager between the Chiefs and Ravens. The Chiefs did beat the Ravens this season, but the Ravens have come a long way since then.

Then again, so have the Chiefs. That potential matchup could go either way—which means you are better off putting a little down on both.

Now, they could win it all—but they won’t.

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