NFL Odds: When Will The NY Jets Win Their First Game?

NFL Odds: When Will The NY Jets Win Their First Game?

The New York Jets are one of the more interesting stories to follow in the NFL this season. Fans will be eager to see if Sam Darnold can take the net step(s) forward in his development. They will be very eager to see if Le’ Veon Bell is worth his price tag, too. They had a good draft, brought in some quality free agents, and have a new head coach.

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about the New York Jets this season. But their odds of winning the Super Bowl are not great (+6000 at FanDuel) nor are they great to win the division (+600) or AFC (+3300).

What this should tell us is that oddsmakers agree there is sufficient reason to be excited, but don’t go overboard and start proclaiming them the best just yet. Improving is great, but it doesn’t necessarily equate to winning games—or even a game.

But there are teams worse off than the Jets, and the Jets are a decent team. So, they will win at least a few games this year. Which one will be their first?

FanDuel is offering odd on which game it will be:

  • Week 1 vs. Buffalo Bills: -170
  • Week 2 vs. Cleveland Browns: +420
  • Week 3 vs. New England Patriots: +1300
  • Week 5 vs. Philadelphia Eagles: +1100
  • Week 6 vs. Dallas Cowboys: +1100
  • Week 7 vs. New England Patriots: +2700
  • Week 8 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars: +3200
  • Week 9 vs. Miami Dolphins: +3200
  • Week 10 vs. New York Giants: +6000
  • Week 11 vs. Washington Redskins: +9000
  • Week 12 vs. Oakland Raiders: +9000
  • Week 13 vs. Cincinnati Bengals: +25000
  • Week 14 vs. Miami Dolphins: +25000
  • Week 15 vs. Baltimore Ravens: +25000
  • Week 16 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: +25000
  • Week 17 vs. Buffalo Bills: +25000
  • Does not win a game (0-16): +25000

The Jets do have a good team, so it is highly unlikely, barring an unforeseen injury to Sam Darnold and Le’ Veon Bell before the season begins, that they fail to win a game. According to the odds, they’re most likely going to get their first win in Week One against the Bills—but with just a three-point spread, it is far from a lock.

But if they don’t get their first win in Week One, it might be a while before they do. The Browns are expected to be very good this season as are the Patriots, Eagles, and Cowboys (their opponents from Week 2-7.

They aren’t favored to win again until they face the Dolphins in Week Nine, and even then, they are only favored by a point. So, if they don’t beat the Bills, they may fail to win a game until they face the Dolphins or the Giants (in Week Ten).

Now, there is a chance they could beat anyone during that gauntlet from Week Two through Seven. Most of the spreads are not big, meaning the games could or should be competitive. If they happen to get a play or two late in the fourth quarter that goes their way, they could steal a win.

However, if you want a game to bet on, go with Week Nine vs. Miami. Don’t bet the house, of course; maybe just the outhouse.

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