Expectations are not high for the New York Giants this season. They certainly are not expected to be competitive with their division (+1200 at FanDuel) and their win total is not very high either (six games; +125 over and (-150).

According to FanDuel’s oddsmakers, winning exactly six games is a distinct possibility (+300) as is winning seven (+380) or five (+340). But they are not expected to struggle so much that they can’t win even a single game (+20000).

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So—when will they win their first? The odds on that, according to FanDuel, are as follows:

  • Week One (at Dallas) +280
  • Week Two (vs. Buffalo) +120
  • Week Three (at Tampa Bay) +550
  • Week Four (vs. Washington) +500
  • Week Five (vs. Minnesota) +1700
  • Week Six (at New England) +6000
  • Week Seven (vs. Arizona) +2000
  • Week Eight (at Detroit) +8000
  • Week Nine (vs. Dallas) +11000
  • Week Ten (at NY Jets) +15000
  • Week Twelve (at Chicago) +30000
  • Week Thirteen (vs. Green Bay) +30000
  • Week Fourteen (at Philadelphia) +30000
  • Week Fifteen (vs. Miami) +25000
  • Week Sixteen (at Washington) +30000
  • Week Seventeen (vs. Philadelphia) +25000
  • Does Not Win A Game +20000

There is talent on the team, and Eli Manning isn’t exactly a scrub. So, the likelihood that they don’t win a game is minimal. The odds are probably as long as they are in Week Eight and beyond because oddsmakers figure that the Giants will get that first win inside the first half of the season.

But which game?

The Giants always tend to play the Cowboys well, but the Dallas defense will be able to control the outcome should the offense be without Ezekiel Elliot in Week One. While Buffalo’s offense struggled immensely last season, their defense was solid. Should the offense struggle again, the defense could be enough to beat the Giants.

Week Three against the Buccaneers could be their first legit chance to win a game. The Buccaneers have no running game, and their defense was not good last year. While their defense is expected to be better, their offense will still lack a rushing attack. Jameis Winston doesn’t exactly strike fear in the hearts of defenses.

However, if Bruce Arians can work some of his magic on Winston, the Buccaneers could be much more of a threat this year.

Should they not get win No. 1 against the Buccaneers, Week Four against the Washington Redskins is a definite possibility. How good their offense could be this season remains to be seen. They are either going to be going with rookie Dwayne Haskins at quarterback, career back-up Colt McCoy or professional journeyman Case Keenum.

McCoy has played well in spot duty, and Keenum was great two years ago—but it is too soon to tell what the Redskins offense will look like. The defense, though, is going to be tough.

Should they fail to beat the Redskins, Minnesota is a possibility if Kirk Cousins and the Vikings offense struggles like it did last season. They will not beat New England, but they should have a good shot against Arizona in Week Seven (as long as Kyler Murray is not running circles around defenses).

So—how should you bet?

Put your money on the Giants to get win No. 1 in Week Three against the Buccaneers but hedge your bet by putting a few dollars down on Week Seven as well.