NFL Coach of the Year Betting Odds – Who Will Win?

NFL Coach of the Year Betting Odds – Who Will Win?

Betting on the NFL doesn’t just means wagering on spreads and totals. Far from it. There are a lot of other betting markets that are worthy of your attention when it comes to pro football.

Brian Blessing just so happened to talk about one for us in his video on the NFL Coach of the Year betting odds. As we know, there are always a lot of different candidates for this award, but there are a few prerequisites. You generally need to be with a team that wasn’t bad last season, but takes a big leap for the current season. You also generally need to be liked by the media because they vote on it.

Another prerequisite is that, well, you have to have a good team. With that in mind, Brian hopped behind the camera and shared some of his betting tips and insights on this NFL prop market. Some of the names that he talked about may surprise you or you may have even forgotten that some of those coaches changed teams for the 2020 season.

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