Certain things tend to happen every NFL season at some point during the year. Superstars will play like—well, superstars. Someone we have never heard of will turn in a superstar performance. A quarterback will go down with a severe injury. A game will go into overtime; since the advent of the ten-minute overtime period, a game ending in a tie can be added to the list.

Another thing that happens every year and did not occur until Week Two last season is the shut out. Someone’s offense fails to get into the end zone or send the ball through the uprights. It may be because of their own shortcomings or because the opposing defense plays so well.

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Either way—someone always ends up getting shut out eventually. Will it happen this week? PointsBet.com is offering a wager for those who are confident they know the answer, one way or the other:

  • Any team to be shut out in Week Two +333
  • No team to be shut out In Week Two -515

If there is a time where a shut out is more likely to happen, it will be during the first few weeks of the season. Since many teams do not play their starters on offense (or defense for that matter) during the preseason, it can take a few weeks for an offense to get on track. This can be especially true for offenses starting rookie quarterbacks, with rebuilt offensive lines, and/or with first-year head coaches.

So—is anyone going to get shut out in Week Two?

The most likely candidates are going to be the ones that scored less than ten points which would just be the Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers. Both failed to get in the end zone and only scored a field goal. It would also be worth taking a look at anyone who generated less than or right around 250 total yards of offense—the San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bears, Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets, Green Bay Packers, and Miami Dolphins.

Now, who is playing someone with a defense ranked inside the top five (scoring)? That would be Arizona (vs. Baltimore), Miami (vs. New England), Minnesota (vs. Green Bay), Green Bay, and Denver (vs. Chicago).

All of those teams—Bears, Steelers, 49ers, Seahawks, Jets, Packers, Dolphins, Cardinals, Vikings, and Broncos — are potential candidates to be shut out this week. They are either facing a dominant defense or struggled on offense in Week One.

Of those teams, we can say that it was uncharacteristic of the Packers, Steelers, and Bears to score so little. Chances are good they will be better on offense this week. The Seahawks, Cardinals, and Vikings still scored 20+ points despite not generating a ton of yards.

That leaves the 49ers, Jets, Dolphins, and Broncos. It is unlikely the Bengals shut out the 49ers this week. Sam Darnold is bound to get the Jets on the board against the Browns on Monday Night Football. But that still leaves the Broncos and Dolphins.

Joe Flacco is getting accustomed to a new team, so it is understandable if the Broncos offense struggles some. But they did improve as the night went on in Week One against the Raiders and scored 16 points in the second half.

But the Chicago Bears defense will be much better than the Raiders D. So, it is possible, but don’t count on it.

Then there is Miami going up against an excellent Patriots defense. Yeah—this could happen. New England could easily shut Miami out.

Don’t bet the house but go ahead and take ‘Any team to be shut out in Week 2’ at +333.