NFL Betting Tips: Offering Two Intriguing Touchdown Props

NFL Betting Tips: Offering Two Intriguing Touchdown Props

Betting on NFL games can be a lot of fun. Putting money down on things like division winners and who will win the Super Bowl is also a lot of fun. But if you are looking for a bet that will make you have to think a little, prop bets are the way to go.

This season, is offering a couple that will make you want to do some research just to see if they have happened before:

  • Any player to score a touchdown in all 16 regular-season games
    • Yes +5000

This one is more than likely only going to be done by a quarterback. For a receiver or running back to do it, they will need to record at least 16 touchdowns. No receiver has done so since Dez Bryant had 16 in 2014. Derrick Henry and Aaron Jones both recorded 16 rushing touchdowns last season but had multi-touchdown games.

The only running back or receiver involved enough in his offense to have a shot would be Christian McCaffrey. But we have no idea what Matt Rhule’s offense is going to be like this season.

No, if this one is going to be done, it will have to be by a quarterback. After all, these guys often throw 30+ touchdowns in a season. But last season, of the top five in passing touchdowns, Lamar Jackson was the only one to score a touchdown in every game—with the help of seven rushing touchdowns.

Most of them missed the mark by just a single game, so there is hope for them this season.

  • Any player to record a passing, rushing, and receiving touchdown in the regular season
    • Yes +500

Before you wonder why the odds are so low, they are talking about throughout the season—not a single game (which has happened but is extremely rare). When you think of it as a guy having 16 games to get one of each, it doesn’t sound like such a daunting task.

Many teams run trick plays where they have receivers run and sometimes pass. Many running backs are just as prone to catching a touchdown as running for one. Quarterbacks have been known to get in on the receiving end of the game in recent years. Some are even pretty good running backs.

But while teams do run trick plays, they don’t always result in touchdowns when they work.

Last season, Julian Edelman recorded one of each, but the rushing touchdown came in the postseason. Little-used Steelers running back Jaylen Samuels may be the only player to get the task done. However, 20+ receivers/running backs attempted at least one pass last season. So—it is possible.

Let’s not forget about Taysom Hill, either. However, he has only attempted 13 passes and completed six for no touchdowns. So, the easiest touchdown for a quarterback has alluded him so far.

So—how should you bet?

The safe bet would be to say no to both. But with the possibilities at quarterback, the touchdown in every game wager may be worth a small wager (emphasis on small). As for one player recording a passing, rushing, and receiving touchdown, say no.

Taysom Hill is the best chance, but it is hard to count on him with his relative inactivity in the passing game. Save your money for another bet.

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