NFC East Futures Odds: How Will the NFC East Play Out In 2020?

NFC East Futures Odds: How Will the NFC East Play Out In 2020?

The NFC East can be viewed in one of two ways. As a division, it is profoundly disappointing since the winner is often the team that under-performs the least. Either that or it is as unpredictable as they come. Whatever the case may be, the end result is a lot of frustration for gamblers left wondering what to do.

Will this be the season the Dallas Cowboys get it together? Will Carson Wentz finally realize his full potential and lead the Eagles to victory? Is this the year the Giants and/or Redskins get it together and become competitive again?


Fans have to ask themselves those questions every year before deciding where to put their money. Like most seasons in recent years, the expectation is for either the Cowboys or Eagles to win the division with the Redskins and Giants bringing up the rear.

Most books will let fans bet for the division winner but some, like BetGM, will allow you to bet on where each team will finish and the exact order:

  • Division Winner
    • Eagles +110
    • Cowboys +130
    • Giants +900
    • Redskins +1000
  • Team to finish second
    • Eagles +145
    • Cowboys +140
    • Giants +550
    • Redskins +600
  • Team to finish third
    • Eagles +440
    • Cowboys +380
    • Giants +160
    • Redskins +185
  • Team to finish fourth
    • Eagles +2000
    • Cowboys +1800
    • Giants +105
    • Redskins -118

The smart money is on either the Cowboys or Eagles to win the division, of course. One of them has in six of the last seasons, including the last four. Both are incredibly talented teams but for one reason or another struggle to get it together year in and year out.

They have been trading off the last four years. So, if that pattern holds, it is going to be Dallas winning it this season. But counting out the Eagles would be foolish.

As for the Redskins and Giants, over the last five seasons, Washington has been the better team, but then last year saw both bottom-out as they went primarily with rookie quarterbacks. Theoretically, both should be better this season. The question is by how much.

Both have added a couple of good players in free agency and will add at least one impact player in the draft with their first-round pick. So, the question may be whose offense is more likely to succeed. Since there are so many questions surrounding what the Redskins are going to do at quarterback, the Giants may be the better bet to finish third.

So—how should you bet?

Take either the Cowboys or Eagles to finish first and the other second. Roll with the Giants to finish third and the Redskins fourth. If you are confident in the order you think they will finish in, BetGM is offering odds:

  • Cowboys, Eagles, Giants, Redskins +420
  • Cowboys, Eagles, Redskins, Giants +475
  • Eagles, Cowboys, Giants, Redskins +380
  • Eagles, Cowboys, Redskins, Giants +425

BetGM has odds for every possible finish. If you really think the finish could be Giants, Redskins, Cowboys, Eagles, the payout will be pretty nice (+20000). But come on—does anyone really think the Giants can get it together that well? Or that the Eagles will bottom out?


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