One year after trading up in the draft to choose who they hope will be their franchise quarterback in Sam Darnold, the New York Jets may be doing the exact opposite this year and trading down.

General Manager Mike Maccagnan told reporters at the NFL scouting combine that the Jet’s third overall pick is indeed available.

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“Right now, we feel good at No. 3, but I’d definitely say if there’s an opportunity to trade down, we would absolutely look at it,” he said.

Seeing as the Jets have a number of issues to address, the team would jump at the chance to try and recover some of the draft stock that they dished out last year. To move three spots from sixth to third in last year’s draft, the Jet’s gave the Indianapolis Colts three second-round picks.

One team who may be in the same shoes that the Jets were in last year and looking to draft a franchise quarterback is the New York Giants. Coincidentally, the Giants own the sixth pick.

Being that the two teams are considered rivals, it would be hard to imagine the Jets and Giants striking a deal. Something that they haven’t done together since 1983. However, when asked about the possibility, Maccagnan said he “would be open to any team” as long as the “trade made sense.”

Maccagnan acknowledged that the Jets would probably be better off with multiple picks as opposed to one high one.

The three best non-quarterbacks in the draft according to experts are defensive end Nick Bosa, defensive tackle Quinnen Williams and outside linebacker Josh Allen.

Bosa is expected to be the top overall pick, but if he somehow remains available at the third overall pick, it would be hard for the Jets to pass up on such a potential game-changing player.

Kyler Murray of Oklahoma and Dwayne Haskins of Ohio State are considered the only two quarterbacks worthy of a top ten pick. With fewer teams this year in demand for a quarterback, thanks to a 2018 class full of talented quarterbacks, it may be hard for the Jets to find a suitor.

Whether or not someone reaches out to the Jets about a trade, Maccagnan is content either way.

“I think we’re in a pretty good position to be in. I don’t necessarily like how we got the third pick, but it’s a good pick to have.”

The 2019 NFL Draft begins April 25th.